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  1. They are a solid forging. I'm not sure what the comment above about the "same face" means, but they are not hollow, multi-piece designs like their irons. I had the first gen forged wedges and they performed like any other wedge with identical spin/launch conditions. My only complaint is that they have 1 bounce/grind option per loft in their standard wedge line. So they may or may not be optimal for an individual based on how they use a wedge. They have some options in their milled line, but at roughly 2x the price. Like the rest of their clubs, they perform as well as any qu
  2. That’s what I was thinking. His hip flexors must be strong.
  3. The original 0211’s had more like players-distance iron specs with pretty typical playing lengths and closer to traditional lofts (45* PW). The new 0211’s are a full on game improvement design.
  4. I haven't tried any version of the Spieth line. However, I've tried several others and they all fell apart on me. This last go around was the HOVR SL in two colors and both started falling apart in the soles within 3 months. I ended up getting credit and buying clothes with the funds. To be fair, the Spieth line does look like the sole would be more durable with the added rubber molding throughout.
  5. LOL at the early extension gif. I've never seen that done before and it's hilarious.
  6. 1. City and State? Humble, TX 2. Handicap? 10 3. Search for your home course HERE. 4. What is your home course? Kingwood Country Club (Forest/Island/Marsh/Lake courses) 5. How could a StrakaLine guide help your game? It should help to provide better start lines for tee shots and putts. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  7. You may have to get different lofts from different stores/sources, but you should be able to find new RTX-4 wedges in left handed for $100 each. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/cleveland-rtx-4-wedge-18clemrtx4trstnxxwdg/18clemrtx4trstnxxwdg https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/cleveland-rtx-4.0-tour-satin-wedge/2000000000996.html#q=rtx-4&lang=en_US&start=1
  8. And I'll go the opposite on your idea on shaft flex too. I don't think it matters nearly as much as weight. For example, my son is 14 and swings his 6 iron around 87 mph. He should be in a 120 gram stiff flex shaft according to the shaft optimizer. However, we tested DG 120 in stiff and x and he got identical launch numbers, but tighter dispersion results with the X and they felt the same to him. So he's now in DG 120x. He carries his 32* 7i 155 yards on average.
  9. I'm currently in X100's. I spent about a year in each of X7's and PX 7.0's. I don't notice much difference in the stout end and X100's are easier to come across when buying used sets. Re-shafting is waste of money if someone else does it for you, so I'll likely stick with X100's. I've tried others and just don't get along with much under 130 gram shafts. I get that I'm on the extreme end, but I think shaft plays the most important role in extreme cases. More so than clubheads. I understand it's the opposite for probably 90+ percent of golfers.
  10. I don't have an answer for you, but I don't think you can go wrong either way.
  11. If I could master golf I'd likely give it up and move on to the next challenge. So I like it being difficult, and that I can play the game likely for the rest of my life.
  12. I'm in the opposite camp. I'm close to 100 mph with a 6i on Trackman and have always been fit into 130+ gram x-flex iron shafts. The last time I was on the Mizuno shaft optimize was in April 2019 and the numbers were 96.33 mph, 8.67 tempo, 4.67 toe down, 8.33 kick angle, 3.00 release factor. I tried the UST Recoils in 125/F5 (x-flex) and couldn't hit them to save my life. The highest, hook ball flight you could imagine. Like 160 feet peak height high...I'm sure it was how I reacted to the shaft in my transition as I have an aggressive transition and late release. Maybe the flex
  13. If everything else is working I'd make sure the driver is fit properly (lie, face angle, weighting - total/SW/moveable weights) and if that was all correct I'd assume it was a technique issue specific to the driver.
  14. And he does so well with the Spider when he's on. Seems like the putter isn't the problem and instead some weeks he's firing on all cylinders and some weeks he isn't (like any other great tour pro).
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