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  1. TSi4. 425cc and available in left handed.
  2. Not a direct comparison, but my son is a mid-swing speed player (86-87 mph 6i) and started his testing with the TSi3 3h/20* and hit great numbers with it. So we didn’t test any further and went with it. His iron play is a strength and the TSi3 doesn’t overdraw/hook for him like his previous hybrid (Sub70 939x). And that’s with the weight in the neutral position. I would think the TSi3 is a great option for those that tend to overdraw or hook hybrids between the flat lie settings and ability to move the weight to the toe side.
  3. I don't know about other sports. It doesn't seem sad to me. The players are positioned based on their scoring ability, not age.
  4. It is allowed in Texas. My son's coach makes all the players go through a series of qualifiers and aggregate score determines placement for fall tournaments. Then he'll do the qualifying process again in the Spring. My son is a freshman and the coach has 5 spots per competition team - Varsity, JV1, and JV2. The rest of the kids that want to play golf, but aren't very competitive are placed in a different class period and only have 1 or 2 short tournaments (I think 9 hole events).
  5. I'd think the opposite, or that he's just tolerated. I know he's improved some, but his temper comes across as whining and I think that puts him in the same category as Sergio, Bubba, Poulter, Bryson, etc.
  6. What does this mean? Is Westwood playing Cleveland irons over Ping?
  7. Based on those pictures, they look good. However, there is no frame of reference to show you just how big they actually are. They’re the Cleveland Launcher XL’s, and no I would not buy/use them. They don’t provide anything I want or need in an iron. https://golf.com/gear/irons/cleveland-launcher-xl-irons-first-look/?amp=1
  8. I’m at a ClubCorp property and have been for 8 years or so now. Private, but anyone can join. No initiation when I joined and it’s currently $450 a month for a family unlimited plan with carts included (under 40/young executive plan). It’s not in flawless shape, but it’s better than all the public courses in the immediate area by far. It also has four 18 hole courses/72 holes at the same location so it never gets old/boring, as well as 3 pools, a gym, tennis courts, 2 restaurants/bars, etc. Well worth it for me and my son to play, and we play every day the weather and our schedule allows.
  9. What everyone else has said. I’m in UTX at the moment but preferred Z-grip Cords. I also found the UTX to be a bit of a pain to install. They are flimsy like most rubber grips, but don’t stretch like say a tour velvet because of the cord in the UTX. So they wanted to hang up on my the first inch or two of the shaft. Once I got past that portion they went on the rest of the way smoothly. The z-grips are somewhat rigid and slide right on without much, if any resistance.
  10. That’s not how the tools work. Torque is the amount of force applied. Assuming two wrenches with different torque ratings of the same size on the same screw will take the same amount of rotations to tighten said screw. The difference is the wrench with a lower torque rating will stop turning before the other because the max amount of force for that wrench has been applied. The issue is if the wrench isn’t rated for enough torque needed for the head then the head could come loose or possibly fly off the shaft. However, as others have said, I’m pretty sure all golf torque wrenches use the same standard.
  11. Yes except for a new wood that is adjustable. I want to make sure it’s set where I want first before installing a set matching grip.
  12. Driver "playing length" is with head attached, not just shaft length (and it differs depending on brand - some add 1", some 1.5", etc.). I looked over the data available not long ago and the average playing length on tour is around 45", with many over 45". Ping has most of their tour staff info readily available and Chris Trott of Taylormade has most of their staff's build sheets on his Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/trottiegolf/?hl=en https://ping.com/en-us/pros/pga-tour I play mine at 45". I played 44.5" for a long time as I got better off the tee. This year I briefly experimented with 44.5" and 44.25" and my strike pattern was too spread out, so now I'm back to 45". I'm 5'10 and some change with a 34" wrist to floor measurement (both measured with golf shoes on).
  13. I play X100 in my irons at the moment. I've had stock shafts, kbs tour 120, x100, s400, s200, etc. and I don't notice much difference. My son plays DG120 X100's in his irons and DG120 S300's in his wedges. He had S400's in his previous wedges and he hasn't noticed any difference either. However, he has trouble hitting my X100's in longer irons so I could see it being a bigger issue if you are making a big jump from your irons to your wedges.
  14. HZRDUS Smoke Green 70/6.5 is on the list. They have it listed twice though with one being listed as "exotic", but at the same price. That might be the PVD finish with the other being the smoke grey finish. Maybe consider having whatever shaft you go with tipped an inch? I wouldn't expect it to lower the initial launch, but should knock a few hundred RPM's off the spin which would help with peak height.
  15. He didn't pick Hulk over Scientist. He went with both.
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