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  1. Max Homa is the current leader for scoring average (only 1 event) and had multiple 78’s last season. DJ was #2 after Rahm for 2021 and has a 77 and 78 carded. That’s just the 1st two I looked at in less than a minute of searching. There are numerous PGA Tour players that have shot occasional rounds in the high 70’s and a few with rounds in the 80’s.
  2. I think you are right to an extent, but when the difference is a few strokes the coach is going with the easier option (the kid with the good attitude). That’s coming from Golf Placement Services who are ran by a former college coach and interact regularly with all of the big school coaches. Another factor to consider is high school GPA and SAT scores. The coaches want to know the kid isn’t going to have issues with eligibility either.
  3. I have the TX in my driver and 3 wood (70/80) and the 100 in 6.5 for my 2i. As far as I can tell it’s the same materials. I swing around 120 and the 70 in 6.5 at 3.5* of torque feels soft to me, but I also have a quick tempo/hard transition.
  4. You literally just said a good player shooting in the 90's should drop out because they must not have practiced and that the tournament would be bad for their mental game. That is not a valid excuse to withdrawal. No tournament player should have more than a few WD ever and they should always be due to injury/illness. I'm sure other leagues do this, but the STPGA has two indicators for WD's; one for injury/illness that is consider "excused" and a generic WD which most people frown upon. My son has a WD, but only 1, and because his foot was fractured and we didn't know it until after. He broke it earlier in the week and we were hoping it was something less serious, but it became obvious after a few holes of walking that he couldn't play. X-ray's afterward revealed the fracture. Either way, I don't think we are seeing eye to eye here, so good luck to your kid.
  5. It’s 100% true and easily searched if you’d like to spend any effort whatsoever. I first learned it from Golf Placement Services and then found just about every resource agrees. Here’s what AJGA has to say about it: ”What junior golfers may not know is that college coaches pay particularly close attention to those who try to “manage rankings” via withdrawing from tournaments or “no-carding” after bad rounds. They frown upon these actions and often stop recruiting a player if there is a pattern of this behavior. Coaches know that their players will struggle at times in college events and therefore will expect them to have what it takes to manage their game and emotions in an attempt to shoot the lowest score they possibly can on a given day. Quitting or withdrawing (unless there is a legitimate injury or illness) is not an option at the collegiate level. Instead of withdrawing, juniors who post high first round scores should realize that they have an opportunity to make a great comeback in subsequent rounds. Most college coaches look at how players bounce back after poor rounds, trying to sign recruits who have the skills required to post low scores after a bad performance in a prior round. In college tournaments, where teams often play 36 holes in one day, mental toughness and perseverance is just as important as raw golf talent!”
  6. That’s just not true. My sons lowest this season is 74 and his highest is 92. His scoring average is 81. He had a great day for the 74 and a terrible day for the 92. According to placement services dropping a tournament because of poor play is terrible in the eyes of recruiters. The better route is to learn early which courses or type or course a player excels at and focus on tournaments that play to their benefit.
  7. Yes, here's the source: https://www.pgatour.com/players/player.08793.tiger-woods.html Scroll down to results and select each year you want to view. It shows each round/score, how many rounds, total money, etc.
  8. Not really. Check out the scores by year next to each other: 2000: Low/60, High/76 - Difference of 16 strokes (earned over $9 million) 2005: Low/61 , High/75 - Difference of 14 strokes (earned over $10 million) 2006: Low/63, High/76 - Difference of 13 strokes (earned over $9 million) 2007: Low/62, High/76 - Difference of 14 strokes (earned over $10 million) 2009: Low/62, High/75 - Difference of 13 strokes (earned over $10 million) 2013: Low/61, High/79 - Difference of 18 strokes (earned over $8 million) I picked his best seasons based on earnings and he still had a difference of at least 13 strokes from his best to worst rounds and that is probably the best player in golf during that time. So I stand by my belief that 20 strokes in a season is not unreasonable. I've noticed that the scoring window is similar in juniors, only the window starts and ends in different scores. Obviously the courses aren't always as long or nearly as difficult, but courses/conditions are likely relative to their (the juniors) abilities so I'm not sure that should be a factor.
  9. It's not uncommon to see a 20 stroke or so difference from PGA Tour players in one season. So I think it's safe to assume a junior with a scoring average of 80 to shoot anywhere from 70 to 90. https://www.liveabout.com/tiger-woods-scores-1566354
  10. I’ve always found the shaft to influence the location of the strike significantly more than any head design in irons. Most irons overall perform similarly for me at the same loft, or at least they don’t seem to influence my scores. However, CG/weighting in a driver head seems to influence contact up/down the face and dynamic loft for me. The driver fit seems to influence my scores a lot.
  11. Like @WallysWorld has experienced, the lower quality launch monitors can do more bad than good. I don't expect that to be the case with the Launch Pro/GC3, but who knows. I do think Foresight has a tendency to over read ball speed and carry distances based on what I see on course when compared to Trackman, but that's the least important data for what I'd be looking at the monitor for (game improvement). When it comes to ball speed and carry, all that should be used for IMO is for direct comparisons to other clubs on the same make/model monitor. This has been one of my biggest complaints about Foresight. They have plenty of tour pros using their equipment. Like Trackman, they should give us their tour averages collected by their monitors to use as a bench mark. Nobody says you have to be a tour pro, but that data is still valuable when trying to improve the swing you have IMO.
  12. He's been disrespectful to numerous people here in this thread so I had enough and fired back with some sarcasm. Oh well.
  13. These look good, though I'd prefer smaller logos/stamping on the back. I'm also a fan of the S400's and Z-grip cords as the stock options.
  14. I hear/read the idea that people should play the softest shaft they can control. I'm firmly in the opposite camp. I've seen no distance loss in various shafts if I can time it right. Loading doesn't seem to be an issue. I do seem to have much better dispersion with heavier/stiffer shafts up to a point. That point was seeing no real difference between X100, X7, and PX 7.0 in my irons. The only thing that really made a difference in distance with irons was the loft of the club. It's a little more obvious in wood shafts, especially with driver, but I still find it has little to do with flex and a lot to do with weight. My teenage son who swings much slower to me found the same thing in his fittings. He hits the DG 120 in X100 farther with the same iron head than he did the heavier DG S300, but also with better dispersion than the DG 120 S300 on the day he was fit. Though, I'm sure he could have hit the DG 120 S300 better than the DG 120 X100 the next day if he did it all over again. He also played the first HZRDUS Smoke 60 shaft in 6.5/x-flex with a 102 club head speed and was carrying his driver "optimal" yardages based on Trackman's data. When he outgrow the head he was in (spinning it too much) he swapped to a lower spinning head with the Ventus Black 60 Stiff and is still carrying about the same. He may be slightly longer on average but he's in a better fitting head and growing all the time. He didn't even try the Ventus Black in X-flex because the stiff worked. I assume it's because the Ventus in Stiff is similar in weight and torque to the Smoke in X-flex.
  15. Like @2bGood said, you can’t outwork a bad diet. And most old school pro golfers don’t live the “athlete” lifestyle like some of the younger guys. It’s an issue in the US and responsible for more deaths than any “pandemic”. It may be THE pandemic. I guess it’s not fun to eat meat and vegetables (with water to drink) for most meals.
  16. Out of those options I picked too much money. I think the current pricing for club data is absurd, and that goes for both Foresight and Trackman.
  17. Which stinks. I don’t need a home simulator. I want something reasonably affordable that will give me AOA and Path. I can determine most ball data by looking at the flight and distance.
  18. I think the only people that feel that way are the poor guys that bought them already. Every review that appears unbiased have at best ended in something along the lines of, "you get what you pay for." I know from my experience that they really struggle with spin axis. From what I've seen/read so far that even applies to the new Garmin R10. So there are people using them indoors thinking they are hitting one shot shape when in reality it's the opposite. This is terrible for trying to improve and get actionable feedback. It will inevitably lead to heartache and frustration. The spin axis issue isn't as bad if you are using a device like the Mevo/+ outdoors where you can see the ball flight, so I'll give those devices an edge over Skytrak. I disagree on the $1k for lessons as well. It may work out great for one person and not the other. There are so many factors at play. I've taken around 60 lessons in my life and have had some really good instructors where I made changes rapidly and some poor instructors that I felt like were a complete waste of money. I'm to the point now that I'd only go for a check-up. I think sometimes there is only so much that can be done in a lesson before the student has to go work things out in the dirt/on the range/etc. This is where a quality launch monitor with accurate data would really shine, especially accurate club data. But, as others have already posted here, this thread is for the LaunchPro/GC3. Comparison's can't take place because there aren't enough of the LaunchPro/GC3 units in the wild to have genuine comparison discussions just yet.
  19. Nothing in the Kool-Aid. I actually prefer Trackman over Foresight, even indoors. Mevo+ is not accurate, and it’s worse the faster you swing/the higher the ball speed. Sorry about your slow club head speeds.
  20. Neither of the two products you mention provide accurate data. They don’t belong in any discussion involving actual training/improvement IMO.
  21. I was hoping the alleged $3k price would include ball and 1 dot club data. It's sounding like maybe it will just be ball data. If that's the case I'm not sure it will be worth $3k when I can spend $20 to go to PGA Tour Superstore and use a GC2 for $30 minutes to an hour to get the average launch/spin/carry for a new club/set of clubs. The club data is what makes it a useful training/improvement tool in my eyes.
  22. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? The Woodlands, TX 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Irons
  23. I think in my case, I had an intercostal muscle strain that I didn't allow to heal which eventually led to my 2 subluxated ribs. If you don't have a foam roller, pick one up and use it to self adjust your back/ribs. If you feel your ribs/back pop between your shoulder blades and it provides relief, you may have the subluxated rib issue. If so, I'd be seeking medical care. I'd at least try to get an x-ray as a subluxated rib should be obvious.
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