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  1. If you are not in a hurry to sell, I'm willing to buy this when my bonus hits in January
  2. oh i just bought 3 separate wedges last week, would have loved to get this set, oh man!
  3. For reference on pricing of the woods shaft - this was from last month: https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1782396/graphite-design-ad-di-hybrid-85-stiff-like-new
  4. > @mufasis said: > I haven't been on here in ages guys. Not sure if the price is right. I'm open to splitting things up. I'm a 5 handicap and when I'm hitting it well the 3w will go 270 off the tee. Hey Mufasis, was more referring to the length of the club/shaft. 270 is very impressive nonetheless.
  5. > @Soloman1 said: > Your swing will change as you get better, so wait to get fitted until your swing is improved and more consistent. > > But those Zings are so ugly, they're a felony in 24 states. Why not update to a set of used clubs made this century until then? Invest your money in you swing not equipment (at least at first). I had played for maybe 1-1.5yrs when I decided to get fitted for my driver at a golf shop in the city. I hit maybe 15-20 drivers combination (heads, length, weight), roughly 100 swings in total. 95% of the swings had the impact positions square on
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