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  1. Have enough idosyncracies that Furyk reminds you of Hogan, braggart, off your medicine, barefoot in a tanktop rockin' and rollin' and sprayin', cussing, cigar chomping club slinger, slow as a dirge singer under the influence, or one that makes Wolfe seem like an introvert in a new situation, OK. Racist, bigot, mysogynist, or cruel to animals on the course, no thanks; I'd rather clean windows or prepare for an colonoscopy. Old Cuss
  2. Used to carry 14 given I could not afford to ride, but then begin to ride with 14 but still could not afford it and when the time came that I could afford it I stopped playing. Older now with different priorities and needs. Don't carry 14 but 7 instead. Could carry 14 but would be too tired by the time I get home for Honey, do prior to supper. Being tired I am apt to say something I would regret. Still, would have to do the chores, however, but without expecting bananna pudding. Might give up a stroke or two, but for what I lose on the course I gain at the table. Old C
  3. Notwithstanding the real inspiration for the score, Appalachian Spring, a soothing piece of music, includes the melody of "'tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free." Simplicity. To unburden. To find ourself in the place just right. Old Cuss
  4. Thanks for the link, Hoselpalooza. Certainly makes sense given at his level of play I would think game day is not so much the time for learning, rather a time for remembering.
  5. Blood pressure problem and the medicine surely helps. I'm careful with levels of exercise given it limits heart rate, and such can leave me a bit tired. Better than the alternative, which would in its favor save money, but certainly limit golfing. Old Cuss
  6. SBST, left-arm down with elbow out, right arm to the body, inside of left foot about six inches from ball and about six inches below the ball line, initiate movement with left shoulder. Weight mostly on left side. Right arm to body keeps me from open, left shoulder, elbow, and left foot keep me square. Left hand index finger on the shaft provides a bit of control. Right hand for steadiness. Don't worry so much about arc on putts outside ten feet given SBST mostly for those closer to the hole. Center shafted putter helps with alignment, too. If tempo gets too fast, I tend to pull. Wrist comfort
  7. Interesting article posted on another golf site about warming up prior to a round. https://golf.com/instruction/fitness/the-best-way-to-warm-up-before-your-golf-round/ https://www.golfscience.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Bertram-Randomized-Warm-up-Improves-Performance.pdf In it was found a less structured warm-up produced better shot data than a more structured one. But for me it did not address the more pertinent question, but then the researchers might be doing all they were given permission to do and/or just taking one step at a time: does it improve pl
  8. Twice a week, more if I did not have other interests. Doing what I can to keep several industries and companies going. Like to refer to myself as an adventure capitalist, that is doing a bunch of enjoyable things as I am able to afford such. Old Cuss
  9. OldCuss


    Greetings, Farmer. I recall a story about a pro golfer, but apologize for not remembering the name, as I am a bit forgetful these days - but am blessed for knowing when supper is served. He was having a bit of a problem with chipping, at least for his level of competition. Not bad, mind you, actually would be great for me, but a bit off given the strokes gained and loss measure. He sought help and it was discovered a small change was needed; it was a small something he was not doing, but doing it was important. Basically it was about when he turned, if you will, bent, his shoulders. Not a big
  10. OldCuss


    James The Hogan Fan, intinctive and repeatable are indeed the important things to take away. Once settled on and practiced, yes instinctual but my repeatedable suffers due to the commitment of an amateur with several interests outside of golf, yet the process and feel results in better outcomes than not having developed and practiced such. It's not used in a checklist manner (although in terms of grip, stance, and stroke, explicitly going through such from time to time to better facilitate consistency is observed on the practice green) importantly as you have advised, given prior learning and
  11. OldCuss


    PPE Like many, the pandemic is sometimes worrisome to the point of distraction that I find it difficult to sleep. Which I regret given I do some of my best work in said state. Thus I was relegated last evening to lesser pursuits in hopes of a better one, but some of importance, nonetheless. Like putting. Therefore I submit a post on putting that was facilitated by prior pandemic thoughts that obviously necessitates it be titled PPE: Putting Process Elaboration. Instead of counting sheep or past triple bogeys or even the number of times Raquel Welch would have turned me down had I been within s
  12. Late in life began blood pressure medicine, in order to be better able to ensure later in life observations, thus heat is now a bit accentuated. Solve one problem, create another to solve, thus the Aussie Chiller. Makes the heat a bit more tolerable; that is, it keeps me cooler, and one might suggest it looks a might better than my usual head attire, too. Soak it and go. Old Cuss
  13. Would be interesting to review National Golf Foundation reports on the game, but at $199 for an annual report, I think one would would need a reason beyond a golf forum conversation to seek access. The latest review (2020 on 2019) has been reported to indicate an increase in rounds played from the previous year (2019 on 2018), but such is still down from the highest year. The latest review also reports more gains other than just rounds played, which is good news for the health of the game over the previous year. An HSBC report titled "Golf's 2020 Vision" (released in 2012) is available online,
  14. Yes, and to a degree it is working but there is still hesitancy among some to avail themself of such and some likely are unaware, but aware enough of how things have been in the past; and unfortunately there are those who know better but won't or are unable to reinforce USGA messaging: club management. My experience is an n of 1, but the percentage of courses I have played, the problem is not insignificant. Forward tees still referred to as senior and/or ladies tees and some courses discourage some tees unless one is of a certain age. Scorecards are not always helpful, but that is tough to do
  15. I would agree that golf has a particular mix of attributes that would need to be considered and they raises questions of which are sacrosanct, changeable, and which are sacrosanct when in fact they are not. Surely at some point if we are not careful the game could become 'not golf', but let's be sure that what we label 'not golf' is truly 'not golf' instead of actually being its next evolutionary step. That is, whatever we do, we must respect the deep tradition of golf and not confuse the practices of such with the tradition itself. Many words to say that golf has taken many forms over its his
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