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  1. Is it just me or does Greyson fit snug in the shoulders? I wear a medium in Peter Millar and it is the perfect fit in the body, shoulders, and sleeves. Greyson told me that my fit would be a Medium for them as well, but the sleeves are so much shorter, and the shoulders fit pretty snug as well. Is the large any better in those areas?
  2. I have to say, ever since I have seen pictures of these shoes they just look incredible. They go with anything! I haven't seen a shoe this good looking in some time. Thoughts?
  3. Haha never wear black shoes. ever!
  4. First time I have ever seen a player call out a manufacturer and the manufacturer responded. And boy, did the rep put in in a body bag.
  5. Would love to see both have a big day again. They are easy guys to root for.
  6. Collin looked like he was playing on Xbox today. Just dart after dart. He really does put on a ballstriking clinic.
  7. So both players IMO are the same exact person in their unique ways. Both seem extremely unhappy people.
  8. Hate to see it, I really liked Smylie. It is tough to be friends with superstars and then there is you.
  9. The 105s is such a great shaft, I was Dynamic Gold for years, and went out on a limb to try the 105s. Have never hit a better feeling shaft.
  10. Really hate to see him WD, I really enjoy watching him play. Although that stroke on that 2 footer yesterday it what keeps me up at night!!
  11. Wow, thanks for all the feedback, I forgot I made this post in September and pleasantly came across it today! You guys definitely helped me make a decision moving forward!
  12. Does anyone have these shafts? Care to give any feedback on initial thoughts, performance, etc.? I have Modus Tour 105 S, this may be a stupid assumption, but I didn't know if I should go up to an X or TX in the MMT's? Is a graphite 105g shaft softer than a steel 105g shaft? I have so many questions. haha Thanks!!
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