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  1. I used to be only concerned about a shaft that made by tee ball go thru my desired window. I didnt care what it felt like if it worked. And that was definitely the wrong approach. I think feel is JUST as important as the output of the shaft. As above poster mentioned, you need to be able to trust it late in the round, and not have a two way miss so you can perform under the gun. I have hit both shafts you mentioned. For me - I loved how the ZF felt. Its like a blueboard and whiteboard had a baby. However, even with a 60 TX, it had a left miss that I knew was always there. It might only happen once in 15 balls, but it was there. As someone that hits a cut, the left miss just cannot happen, like never, unless I put a bad move on it. The TZ6 is an awesome shaft, and I think Accra is very under-rated, personally. There are not many shafts that find the center of the face as much as both the TZ5 and TZ6 for me. It is low torque but definitely does not feel like it. I would choose whichever shaft finds the center of the face more, and gives you less chance of two-way miss
  2. Where do you see the TX flex as an option for $110 more ? I dont see it anywhere
  3. I build all my driving irons/2 irons to 40". Have experimented longer, and 40" seems to give the best consistency. A 1/2' can make a difference as the strike margin for error with a 2 iron is pretty small. Build it to 40.5" and get on a monitor where you can get impact data. If you are finding the middle, swing away! If you are still considering shafts, I would say dont sleep on the UST Mamiya LinQ black hybrid shaft. Even the x-stiff doesnt feel like telephone pole and they have a few weight options. Once you find your combo, it will become a weapon!
  4. I agree 1000%. I have a 60 TX that is in my rotation, and it yields the highest smash factor compared to anything else I have owned. Hit 1.51 several times on a 8* Sim2 Great blueboard profile that has some life to it
  5. The clicking comes from the wrench that comes with your driver. It is a mini torque wrench. I don't know if there is a specific torque spec for the backweights on the Sim/Sim2, but I mess with these all the time. The first time you remove the stock one, it will offer some resistance since it is held in with locktite. Just remove the bolt slow and steady. I install mine with plumbers/PTFE tape, since I dont use locktite because I swap them a lot LOL. You probably dont "need" to use locktite, or tape, but keep in mind that the area where it bolts in is aluminum, so you could strip the threads pretty easily from overtightening, and then you have a project on your hands. Just snug it up when installing - a few ugga duggas
  6. Awesome review - thank you! I am also a holdout from OG Sim, and only looking to alternatives because these things just can't stay in one piece. I've broken (3) 8* OG Sim heads, all on the weight track. What were your findings in regards to launch angle of the Sim vs Stealth ? Assuming same shaft, etc Thx
  7. I only tipped my PD 60 tx a 1/2" because I've read its so stout. It is quite stout, but in a good way. I am doing speed training and have stretched to 127-128 and it holds up fine. I am normally 122mph. Sim2 - 8* head and I can't really launch it higher than 11.5* @ 185mph. If you want to hit bullets, this is one of the shafts that can do it
  8. Love my LS 6.5’s Ended up putting 8i LS shafts into my SW and LW. Gap wedge got a LS wedge shaft since I take more full swings with them
  9. Anybody pull the trigger on a Ventus Red 6TX or 7TX? Looking at the Red 6TX, for a potential "purple" build. Blueboards have matched up with my swing the best lately, but my AoA has dropped down to 0-2*+. I used to swing 4-5 up, but worked hard this year on rotation and covering my irons. Feels so foreign now to try to stay back and swing up - results definitely not ok and best swings now are in the zero to 2 up range. Playing a Speeder Evo III - 661 tx, and has been pretty reliable. Tip and butt flex numbers on this appear to be almost identical to the Ventus Red 6TX. Just curious on tipping a TX. I like 1" tipping on most of my stuff, just wondering if people are still finding success in the heavy tipping of the Red - like 1.5" ish to knock off some spin Option 1: Red 6x - tip 1.5" - 2" Option 2: Red 6tx - tip 1" Any thoughts appreciated
  10. Thanks for the input guys. Y’all crazy swinging D-9 and E-0 drivers I might keep going and get it up to D-7 or 8, now I’m curious! The thing for me is that the overall static weight can’t get too high. I have a Fuji Pro 2.0 7x , I believe it’s 79g un-cut, and that thing feels like a tree branch getting it around….but it goes pretty straight Im wondering how a 50 tx and 200g head would be @ 46”
  11. Had a bit of an ah-ha moment in the simulator yesterday while tinkering with driver swingweight. So I play MOI matched irons that are all +1.00” - 1.5” in length. 1/4” increments from Gw all the way up to 4i. Short iron heads are lightened and long iron have added weight. Wedges are E-1 and scales down to D-7 in the longer irons. They are all long and heavy but the MoI matching and building at 1/4” increments has been one of the best things I’ve ever done , équipement wise. Never hit my irons this straight and hit as many greens. I hit 17/18 greens once this year and that was my best by far My driver SS is 120-122 , and been doing some shaft tinkering since the weather has gotten cold. I like the feel of my driver at D-3, but have been struggling with a high toe miss that I just can’t shake on occassion. I’ve added weight to drivers while in my garage and measuring swingweight. And anything at D-4 and heavier feels like a battle axe So in the sim yesterday, same thing with driver - good ball, high toe, high toe, good ball.. This is a Sim2 8* with Diamana TB 60 tx, at just under 46” long. Driver in upright/square setting on adapter I started moving and swapping weights, and was not influenced by my swingweight scale. Started pounding it after I added almost 7g to the head, which is quite a bit. Carrying 315-320 pretty consistently Get home and of course had to put it on the scale. It’s like D-6.2 , an absolute Never thought I’d hit it so well with such a head heavy setup, but it is what it is! Maybe it helps load the shaft that tiny bit more where my timing just matched up? Or the SW just matches my irons now so I can just swing it with the same tempo Was just curious if anyone else was swinging or had success with driver @ D-6+ ?
  12. Honestly, no modern graphite shaft is going to be in the same ballpark as any steel shaft in a driver. The weight difference is just too much. I dont know what the lightest steel shaft available is for a driver length, but its gotta be 100g or very close. It will more than likely feel like swinging a battle axe
  13. Thanks for sharing this comp - it is literally the exact scenario I was looking for. Tipped the crap out of a MMT 70x while I waiting for my other shaft to arrive, and absolutely bombed it - just a TOUCH loose. But the profile felt great in my hands, I was shocked how well it held up. I swing 122-124 but the Ventus black feels like s*** to me and is a touch low The MMT 60tx can be had on eBay for like $115 at this point, seems like a great value for a TX flex shaft. I'm going to order one up. 2300rpm and a mid/flat trajectory is exactly where I want to be
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