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  1. Hit everything yesterday. M6 fairway blow SIM out of the water. It will be a while before anything beats the M6. My M5 numbers beat the sim in every way. Tested multiple lofts and shaft combos to attempt to even get close to my current M5 ball speed numbers and SIM was 3 mph slower. This is one of those times that a OEM has released a inferior product to what they have in play right now. I’m guessing we will not see many players on your making this switch.
  2. I thought the mavrik looked bad but this has it beat for ugly. They obviously do not take input from golfers when designing.
  3. I’m sure it was deleted , TM runs this site as far as editing anything they don’t like.
  4. The Gen 3 P has less offset than the gen 2 but looks like the sole is a little larger and at address but as clean but still feel and look great. P’s will be a good long iron option and T’s in the short and maybe even the XP as a 3 iron. Love the mill work.
  5. What iron is this? Maybe just the angle but seems like a lot of offset?
  6. I wish a company would make a better driver than TM, I hate TM but end playing there driver and woods because they have been the best but I would love to not support them.
  7. It will be made of carbon and most likely from here on out.
  8. Ping doesn’t do Black Friday sales on there current line up unless something new is coming.
  9. What’s wrong with having a beef with TM? I do.
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