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  1. I recently got fitted for irons and was talking to a guy at the golf shop who mentioned that the shafts in wedges were usually sub par. I was curious if anyone here has swapped their stock shafts in their wedges for an after market shaft or did a fitting in that regards and if it was a big difference or not?
  2. Nice! Good to hear that. Just noticed they are the black kbs shafts. Those are sick! How do you like the black vs satin finish so far? And more importantly does the finish seem durable?
  3. Difference in s vs s+ is mainly the weight? Or is it noticeably stiffer?
  4. I was thinking about doing the Apex mb mixed in my set. Any difference in feel between Apex mb and Wilson? Or any big differences in general? Kind of a golf nut now so I may just buy some Wilson’s if I like them the best and switch off between iron sets haha. Play them when I’m really wanting that pure feeling and play the pros when I’m trying to win club tournaments. I’m pretty diligent when it comes to practice, I think I’ll eventually adjust. Hopefully it gives me that second to none feedback and makes a better ball striker. Thanks for getting back to me on this. I’m now pumped to continue
  5. Last question man... sorry for all the questions. I recently bought a piretti putter (was previously hitting a tm spider) and my god ... it feels amazing . Just pure buttery smooth and the ball rolls perfectly. Obviously I have some putts I miss hit and I feel it, but this opened my eyes to how enjoyable a good putt can feel. Makes me a enjoy the game a bit more. Well I am playing apex pros 19 at the moment. They feel great to me, but I hear people talk about how smooth and great blades feel. Sounds like you know a bit about the apex pros.. did you hit them? Is there a massive difference in fe
  6. That’s a beast 7i. Good stuff! Have you ever hit the Callaway apex mb?
  7. So I’ve decided to go with Wilson staff blade if I get blades. I don’t really need any blades or new irons. But they look so nice and I hear exceptional things about them. I am an 8 cap and am currently gaming apex pros . Do you think there will be a massive lose in forgiveness? Have you played a “players iron” recently in comparison with your new Wilson’s? If so I’m curious about the fee and turf interaction etc.. trying to figure out if I should pull the trigger or not ?
  8. Hi y’all, just saw the Mizuno mp20. Man what a good looking iron. I love the look of the Wilson staff blade as well. I’ve that that is the best looking iron for all of 2019. Just curious what you guys think in terms of looks or which blade is your favorite. wont be gaming them but fun to look at !
  9. Broke down and bought it. It’s even more of a beaut in person.
  10. Sorry if the above post ^^ is a lot of questions. I guess I’m just looking for someone to point me into the right direction in which one to by. And I know what I like so just trying to sift through other peoples experiences and descriptions. Starting my journey of collecting putters! Haha
  11. I’m curious about the feel between the two. Is there a difference? And if so can you describe it? and how you feel when addressing the ball with each club? Does the look at address give you any more confidence from one to another? And lastly which who looks better to you? i know it will be subject to me, but if you could only have one which one would you pick? also feel free to share the weights and grips etc
  12. Anyone have experience between the goat and the Matera elite? Ready to pull the trigger on a new putter but can’t decide between the two. also, I saw on their site they offer the Garsen quad pro. Anyone have experience & feedback with that grip or the piretti standard grip?
  13. As the title says, looking for feed back with peoples experience with either of these putters. Been looking at new putters and narrowed it down to these two. Curious about your setup (weight, grip, etc) as well. Any feedback is much appreciated!
  14. That’s awesome! Let me know how you like the goat.
  15. Which Piretti and grips did you just purchase? Curious about your setup. Also, I was on their site and that’s where I saw the Garsen quad pro grip. Curious if you got one on your piretti. I also heard the standard piretti grips are great.
  16. I do love the look of the Matera the best out of all my research so far. Haven’t seen another putter that I think looks so amazing.
  17. I appreciate all the feedback guys! I am still looking at those types of higher end putters. Might just stick with my tm spider. I saw the Garsen tour pro grips on one of those companies websites... anyone try out the tapered or non tapered Garsen quad tour? Now curious about those haha.
  18. As the title states, curious to hear if anyone of y’all have tried these putters and what you think of them / which one in your opinion is better. I am also curious in the Toulon putters. Been hearing good things about them. I know I need to go to the store and try them myself, but what works for you game?!
  19. > @Lpgfortier said: > > @flaghunting1987 said: > > > @Lpgfortier said: > > > > @Jcorp said: > > > > Also, in the market for my first range finder... can anyone give tell me there thoughts on a stabilizing rangefinder like Nikon vs non-stabilizing? Love the features and reviews and price point of the nx7 and nx9. Thinking that’s the way to go, but is the stabilizer worth it or not? > > > > > > Same here! > > > > I don't think it's worth it IMO...It's not really that hard to lock on to a target for me. I could see
  20. Oh thanks for the heads up
  21. Also, if someone knows, what exactly is it I’m feeling ? On a technical term? Is it just as stated above ? It seems to eliminate my block so it seems like I am finally turning my hands over more.
  22. Hey guys, played the round of my life a few weeks ago. Now I feel like I’m tense and trying to force a repeat of that. I tried loosing up during a range session and found some good swings when my wrists felt super loose. It felt like I was hinged until striking the ball. I didn’t see any distance gained, so don’t know if it’s me lagging. Just wondering if anyone else has felt that and if it’s a good thing or a bad thing? Going to have a friend video tape in a few days so I can see for myself.
  23. Hi y’all, recently moved from Arizona to Ohio and am moving again to Alabama. Seems like I keep moving to where I can find more humidity. My hands sweat like crazy and I can’t stand feeling like I am going to lose the club. After research on here I have come to the conclusion that I should get a cord grip to help with that. Has anyone tried the tour velvet cord vs z cord in humid or wet conditions? I think I will go with one of those or another brands version of those.
  24. Sounds like the UTX is the way to go. Thanks guys. I’ll check them out. Don’t think I’ve held those at the store yet.
  25. Hi guys, title says it all. Struggling with the humidity and sweaty hands lately. I like the fee of the g2 wraps and full cords in the store. I can see how both would be nice for humidity. Does anyone have any experience with both? I also just ordered a rain glove. I’m determined to get my light grip back!
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