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  1. Probably another 10 years before they even seriously consider. Belly/broomsticks were around for ages and still are in damn near the same way they were used back then.
  2. Stitch or Vessel golf bag! Spending a few extra bucks on a premium bag is well worth it. Much better quality/looks and much more unique than the nylon garbage that passes for a golf bag at Dicks
  3. lol all that cool gear and 90 percent of it you can't even buy
  4. Thanks guys! Truly a great piece, would love to send it to a great home!
  5. This will probably end up like the UT callaway had a few years back I believe they made an APEX UT and then a Tour Only APEX DI (driving iron) highly preferred by the pros but never saw retail save for a few guys selling one on ebay for 500
  6. Hey guys, just one item today. PAYPAL AND CONUS SHIPPING ONLY. No trades today, please reach out via pm for the PayPal email if you’d like to offer. 1. Bettinardi Limited Run RAW SS3 fall classic putter. 9.9/10 never used outside and always in a headcover. Gorgeous raw bronze finish, just oil it after use on real greens. 35 Inch stock length Stock leather betti grip and headcover included. Just did not fit my putting stroke. Amazing piece for your collection or a perfect milled gamer! $SOLD shipped OBO.
  7. Well that was kind of what made the decision hard, I loved the more "feel" aspect of the 1WS and the 7S was clearly more forgiving. I generally don't stray too far from the center "most of the time LOL" so I didn't give forgiveness much thought. I will say the 7 aligned much much better.
  8. Went and took them out for a spin today at GG and I agree I actually liked the steel shaft a bit better. Tried the 7S vs the 1W and I couldn’t decide lol. Will go back tomorrow after I sleep on it haha.
  9. Seen a couple on tour alrady, anybody game one yet? Love the 1Ws shaping, and the red shaft is def better feeling than the original stroke lab. Is it the same WH as before?
  10. LAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEE. Tm Vault items have been underwhelming for awhile now, they used to drop tour issue goodies and one off putters that were actually different from retail and more premium. Nowadays all TM does is cater to Tiger/Rory fanboys and whatever Trottie is shilling on IG
  11. Las Vegas hanging around for 250 on ebay or callaway pre owned !
  12. Update! Got some WD40 Specialist (anti corrosion) and gave it a light wiping after a morning round with some dew and so far so good!
  13. Amazing article!! Amazing article!!
  14. Grabbed a 2 ball Ten tour lined and was probably the best lagging putter I've ever used. Was garbage on the knee knockers where feel is needed, felt hollow and plasticky. I agree if it were maybe aluminum with a WHP insert it probably would have felt better. If you need a ton of help putting or are in a rut this is a good bet. I actually think the new stroke lab shaft would make a great training aid of some sort, I used it for 2 rounds and as switched over to a milled putter the next day and had the same smooth tempo I had with the 10.
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