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  1. TSI3 is a SLIVER, might be in the market for it but really liking the bigger hybrids nowadays
  2. Fiancé hates it lol, I figure she’s already pissed I’m golfing you might as well go another few holes lol
  3. 1. San Antonio TX 2. Handicap? 6 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 4-PW 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes! 4. Current Iron setup? Mizuno MP18 SC 4-PW 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? Refined sole and forgiveness in a players iron! 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos, YES
  4. You’re right! No shop around me has gotten them yet either. Soon as they do I’ll go and try ahah
  5. Hey guys!! quick one for y’all today. I have a couple of srixon drivers already and wanted to try my shafts in a Zx5 but saw that they moved to a star bit, but does anybody know if the actual adapter changed? Can I just plug mine in and use they’re new bolt? thanks!
  6. Was the logo made in conjunction with Grindworks or was it P Reeds before the collab? I think we've seen it on the artisan wedges. What inspired it?
  7. a lot of "Is it better?" and a lot of "Well that's hard to say or subjective" which means there is no unicorns or magic dust out in 2021.
  8. Hello all, Just one item today, PayPal and conus only please! No trades at this time. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Special Select. 34 inch standard weight. Shaft had some issues last year but I installed the KBS ct tour putter in white pearl. That shaft will be included but an original Scotty shaft has been installed again with a lamkin deep etch cord grip. Original HC included as well as the spare shaft. This has seen a whole season of use and is still a great gamer! I wanted to stick with my 14 select model this time around. Looking for $295 Shipped.
  9. Had them back in the day and sold them after 2 seasons, and I REGRET IT lol. Lovely set, so nice just a really pro iron set. Congrats on the mint set!! I always look for these too!
  10. Rogue black is solid, TX option at no upcharge is a plus as well! I’ve played the black in a hybrid and driving iron with success. I can say that if you like counterbalanced shafts this one is a great stiffer and lower option. It’s not so low that it won’t stop tho, hybrid has plenty of loft for that anyway.
  11. Hoping for a vault 3.0 from Ping! Aside from that I think everybody is updating their lines per the schedule.
  12. Always give irons a couple months, unless they are a direct successor than it will take time to get used it!!
  13. Its a huge regurgitation, the marketing now is a "playable driver" LOL. No more distance, now they want to market a "golfing driver vs a simulator driver" Wunder echoed this in the podcast today as well. Shiny and new doesn't excite me anymore vs shiny/mint and cheaper lol. I'm having a lot more fun getting great value and awesome shafts far cheaper than blowing 4K on a new bag of the same crap re released.
  14. Just picked up a flat lie driver in 9.5 with a Fuji speeder TR!! Very excited to try it, looking for more consistent from my m5.
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