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  1. Sup y’all, just a quick drop of stuff today. A few more LBs down ask I’ll pass the goods on to you! PayPal and Conus US only please. PM me for my PayPal user can also combo stuff if you want a deal. All are XXL. 1. Peter Millar Black Q Zip - worn once. Has barstool logo on it - $40 2. Peter Millar Lilac Summer Polo - worn a couple times with barstool logo $30 3. Peter Millar Red Stripes polo- worn once with barstool logo - $30 4. Peter Millar White and Blue print with barstool logo worn a few times. SOLD 5. Scotty Cameron T shirt from the Encinitas Shop worn once. -$ 35 6. Peter Millar Navy Vest with barstool logo worn 2 times. - $40
  2. I love Rhoback for golf and general chilling. Pricey but can be had with promo codes. I wear a 3X at 6'3 310ish and like a loose fit. I too have a nipple issue, I just let them fly tbh but if you like to hide them they can fit a thin under armor below with still a good amount of breathing room.
  3. TM historically has released new tech for the driver, and then it'll bleed over to FW and HY in the next iteration. Twistface was like this
  4. You’re exactly right! I’d have no problem with the wrist hinge (long like Phil and Boom Boom) if I could get it to match up with my turn, but all it does is get stuck behind me and lead to the flip. I have also considered speeding up the arms lately, with some success!
  5. I really do think if I can shorten the swing and remove the steepness I would have more fun, just not fun spinning the ball 250 in the Texas wind or worst with the wind
  6. Sup guys, I just wanted to vent a little and see how you feel about the current world of golf today and what you do when maybe the game is just not as fun as it used to be. I'll jot down a couple bullet points as I don't want to be to verbose in this since I am just having a hard time processing this, I've been golfing for a decade and have had a sudden disinterest on arguably something that is largely part of my personality and life. 1. Being on WRX gets exhausting, I sometimes try and just get the perfect clubs without working the swing that matters the most. 2. I'm a 3.6 HC (short game saves me) but play with a flip, it sucks because I'm a bigger dude (tall, large) and see some of my smaller friends pound the ball efficiently and at times yard in front of me but because I can't turn properly I don't bomb it and my irons come up short. I usually club up twice just to hit the green. 3. I've tried for months to shorten my swing and reduce wrist hinge so I can make the turn and not slide and throw my hands but to know avail, I've paid for countless lessons and nothing works 4. Perhaps the new culture of golf that I guess is more "cool guy" is really annoying, tee times hard to get and now all people want to do is bring their GF with them and have some sort of part instead of golf. With that said, I usually can't wait to golf on the weekend, and now with 2 tee times in my sights for thanksgiving I just can't seem to get excited for it. Have you ever taken a long break? What made you want to stop playing?
  7. Hello all, I have a few items for y’all today, as always PayPal and Conus shipping only. Please no trades at this time, anything bought here on Friday the 20 - Sunday 22 will not ship until Monday the 23rd. Please PM for my PayPal user 1. TSI3 Driver Standard Length New Lamkin Crossline Grip Tensei AV Raw White Proto 2.0 in 65 TX 9 degrees of loft Pretty clean, used a few months has some tiny dummy marks but I’ve pictured them. Great stick but I am moving into a super low spin set up for now. No head cover $SOLD Shipped OBO 2. Project X LZ shafts in 6.0 flex 3-PW pulled from a set of standard length Titleist 718 CB .355 taper tip no grips $175 Shipped OBO 3. Ace Of Clubs leather belts all of them are 44 inches but can be cut from the end that goes into the buckle to your length! SOLD 1. Grey Ostrich with black buckle SOLD 2. Black Gator with Black Buckle SOLD 3. Navy Gator with silver buckle SOLD 4. Bourbon Tan with silver buckle SOLD
  8. The TM 2022 Driver thread is basically it's own business school now LOL
  9. In today’s world of golf demand, I’d hope for everyone’s sake they stick around. The more people we have building and selling clubs will ease the supply on the other OEMS. Not saying that these DTC firms are only for beginners, but buy and large more tenured golfers prefer the big 4 and the like. I personally love the New Level stuff that I’ve seen.
  10. Hello all, please PAYPAL and CONUS only. Hit me up for my PayPal via PM and for any offers. A few Titleist goodies for y’all today. 1. Titleist TSI2 16.5 Wood Built at factory , stock length and lie Tensei AV Raw White 75 TX Proto shaft. (Long lead time on these) midsize plus 4 tour velvet with 2 wraps underneath. HC included 8.5/10 shapkeeping 2. Titleist TSI3 18* Hybrid stock build Tensei AV Raw White 90 X midsize plus 4 tour velvet with 2 wraps HC included 8/10 sold 3. Titleist U500 4 iron stock build 23* loft PX 6.5 steel midsize plus 4 tour velvet with 2 wraps 8.5/10 sold
  11. This thread should be renamed "Where are my GolfWRX MBA Grads at?"
  12. 1. City, State? - San Antonio TX 2. Handicap? - 4.7 3. How would the Apex Utility Wood fit into your bag? Between 3 wood and 4 iron as a 5wood/3H replacment 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Apex Utility Wood? - the low spin and versatility I need in that slot in my bag! 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? - YES!
  13. Ryan Palmer and Abraham Ancer!
  14. One and Two Utility irons don't help your game out past a single digit golfer...... a lot of people should play a hybrid or FW to take advantage of the forgiveness and speed at that length of club. Also too many people play a stock 4 iron lol
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