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  1. Doesn't the ebay screenshot say $300? figured that would be more reasonable, but even then these seem a bit dated for that much. Then again I'm not huge into the resale of Miura forged nike irons, if there even is a crazy market for that haha.
  2. I will say that having a putting matt at home during work or lockdown or whatever def made me want to try a lot of putters! I grabbed 3 this year alone and I still haven't settled on my fav. I guess the same would apply if a range was in my backyard haha
  3. Man we have flexing on both sides of the isle here, tight wads vs high rollers .
  4. It’s probably just excess stock, or maybe just a re manufacturing of a pretty simple driver. Back in 13 it was sick, it was my first real deal fitted driver, a cannon!
  5. It’s a great club! I can genuinely say this “game improvement players iron” really did shave a few strokes off my game and keeps me in the short grass without giving up much at all!
  6. 19 P790 3 iron bent strong 1 degree. C taper 130X same as my irons. It’s goes 250 after roll, my fave club. I hit my driver maybe 3 times a round, I hit my 3 iron everywhere else. Just way more reliable!
  7. It’s legit, SHAFTTECHNOLOGIES has always provided good stuff. Shipping can be a little slow at times but ultimately I got the right product, and usually it was straight from the manufacturer
  8. Ehhh lately the condition they state has been off. They claim “outlet” and they come with scratches all over the putter. I used to have some really good experiences with them back when I started playing golf, lately it’s been just ok. The deals are great, especially during Black Friday. Wish other manufactures had a site like they do.
  9. I buy from proclubs, and other ebay online shops and they are always packed well. Buying from random people is always a gamble unfortunately, and with the wave of new golfers probably just offloading stuff at a high rate I'm sure they could care less about decent packing/shipping.
  10. WHY JUST WHY ????? please don't bash a legendary iron because you can't hit it!
  11. Both protos are CLEAN , I remember a rumor about the Santa Monica (tri sole) coming ti retail
  12. Man, the looks on these aren’t bad but they aren’t on par with the TS2/3. Driver face is all covered in some print, fairway score lines look like something out of a cobra prototype. Hmm, was hoping to love these as soon as I saw them, but we’ll have to see what the reviews say!
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