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  1. yes it does, I don't have an OG but my club builder does and we put them side by side and it's identical. Could vary I'm sure though from player to player
  2. Love my CC but wish the re release would have been closer to the OG button back for sure. I wonder if the Brooks gaming it deal was the reasoning behind it, considering it's getting brushed aside a little by the triple black release
  3. Agree, sucks when there’s more guys out there who want to play the putter than those who flip them for a 300 dollar profit after fees.
  4. the alignment and the detail on the middle kill it for me, getting ready to send an X7 in to the custom shop for a black restoration. That said it's cool, and I'm assuming more limited than the JT one from last year
  5. Iblades when new look amazing, but for some reason after a few months they just lose their luster for some reason. Great bag regardless and that putter is just insane!
  6. That Daytona or the Vegas could find its way into my bag!! Great looking flat sticks
  7. Every model is just SO SICK, jeez man you'd think they would just release a small line of the PLD. Just Anser and a couple mallets would be great.
  8. Anybody comment on the Scotty Custom shop black refinish? Looking to send my X7 to get redone in black but for some reason I've never really seen how well the black turns out on the older putters that are still available to get the black finish. Thanks in advance!
  9. I think some people hate on scotty because of price or whatever and maybe because circle T models that look cooler and have better stamping etc are not as attainable, but there's no denying that they perform well and that the retail models perform the same as the ones used on tour. I used to be irrational and right off scotty becuase spending a ton on a CT was out of reach, but I look past it and just enjoy my retail models I have and hope to one day be in a good spot to drop a few grand on a CT that will make me happy lol. I don't see how it's any different from a LV purse, or a really nice watch. Did not mean to derail and go off about CT, but I feel like people look down on it for some reason. Hoping to see the return of some black models in 2022.
  10. Real, odyssey does many one offs. Enjoy the putter!
  11. Sup Guys! Just 1 item today. PayPal and conus only please NO Trades. Please PM for the info. 1. Toulon Design (Odyssey) Memphis Garage edition with center shaft 35 inches with stroke lab and odyssey grip. has original Toulon script in the cavity and garage logo on the sole. This tour issue center shaft has not been available on any garage configuration or at retail, and for sure without a stroke lab shaft. $500 OBO
  12. Anybody pop a fuji or stability shaft in these yet? I love mine and been playing very well with it but feel like I wanted a more stable feel through the shaft. figured .355
  13. A lot of people also speculating an increase across the industry come release time for the big 4
  14. Hopefully it's a Betti again, the TM putters they come out with nowadays look like they came out of a mcdonalds kids meal
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