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  1. If it looks anything like the 2015 Big Bertha we may be in business
  2. "Mavrik" line of woods and irons will go down in history as the most misspelled golf clubs of all time.
  3. The data in the article isn't overwhelming but we can all draw the lines to each Titleist/Ping don't really get too much of the flashy golfer, being an Introvert myself I've always bagged Titleist and had a long stint with Srixon and would not mind bagging them again. Other side of that, TM, Callaway and Cobra are flashier with goofy names (great sticks from all of them no doubt tho) lend itself to those who maybe aren't as shy. I have noticed the younger/newer golfer tends to gravitate toward TM a LOT and brands of the like Bad Birdie, SWAG, odyssey putters etc....
  4. Sup guys? just a couple cool items for you today. As always CONUS AND PAYPAL only. Please PM for offers and my info for PayPal. 1. Mint 9.5/10 G425 Max driver bone stock , 9 loft and standard length and lie. Ping tour 65 X shaft with arcoss stock grip and matching HC. Save a few bucks from retail with me (considering the Ping increase) $465 shipped 2. Ping karsten TR Pal 35 inches stock grip and black dot. 9/10 shape no headcover. SOLD
  5. what a gamer! Classy stick with some character to it, well deserved dub by Sungjae the man grinds like no other
  6. The scotty pattern of release would suggest that it could be true, They did the JT release and then dropped the 5.5. Similarly they dropped H19 Black and it ended up getting released as a retail model also.
  7. I'd say it's strictly speculation, hoping Scotty hears it lol
  8. Hmm, never swung a 5.5 PX but that’s interesting that the LZ 6.0 would be somewhat “weak to flex”
  9. yea same here, I tried my buddy's stiff flex epic and stiff epic speed 3 wood but the ball just went too high, I guess with irons being stiff overall it may not be much of a difference
  10. got it, I for sure love my current set and shafts. For some reason got the itch to try others by thinking I may be "leaving something on the table" but if it feels good why mess with it.
  11. Hey guys, I'm sure this has been rehashed a few times but was wondering if any plus 110 driver mph guys PREFER stiff shafts in the irons vs X. Here's my progression and what I've been playing with lately that got me down to a 3 HC. 2018-2020 MP SC C Taper X - elbow pain lol but low flight and decent feel 2020 - early 2021 - Z forged with px 6.5 past 8 months - Titleist CB with PX LZ 6.0 My flight is higher, ball a little further and much much smoother (less elbow pain a boost). My spin is a tad higher but I just can't seem to find anything better tbh, got fit into T100s with LZ 6.5 but prefer the 6.0 feel wise and hell even the CB head felt better to me YMMV. My question is, did any of yall go down to stiff irons, also drop the wood flex? My woods are great and I have great number with them spin wise etc.... but will a lower flex in the graphite stuff yield a smoother experience? for what it's worth I enjoy the stiffer flex in my woods.
  12. Pat is a legend, and man Higgs, Kokrak , Pat and Dahmen would be an ALL TIME foursome
  13. oh man, a 19 degree may be in my future. Been in need of a larger hybrid but having one bonded like this is would work well.
  14. guy I spoke to said he'll send a Ping putter cradle to go the tempo etc... info for the remote fitting
  15. Hey folks, a few items today and as always CONUS and PayPal only. Please reach out via PM for offers and to get my PayPal address 1. 718 CB iron set standard loft length and lie PX LZ 6.0 3-PW 3 iron still in plastic grips are standard tour velvet plus 4 with the 3 iron still having the stock velvet grip. used for the summer and not much practice. $750 shipped OBO 2. Footjoy Tour X size 13. Worn 2 times and still in near perfect shape. Take them for $175 shipped 3. Titleist high visors, take them both for $40 shipped. Worn once each. May have some sweat marks. 4. Footjoy Ryder Cup Vest, XXL never worn but the chest pocket sewing is falling out. Vest is fine but the chest pocket is just unusable. $80 shipped
  16. Typical of the latest TM gear lol.................. I'll leave it at that since the TM fanboys get pissed if you slander their creations haha
  17. Just got my quote! Right around $600! Not bad at all
  18. Been struggling to let go of my classics (or bench them at least) and was looking heavily into TP, send in a quote request for a Dale by David in oil can. I have stopped chasing circle T and want something truly mine lol
  19. That's awesome!!! Good luck I'm sure the putter will be amazing! I emailed in last week to do the virtual version of the fit and order so this will be cool to follow in the meantime.
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