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  1. Only one item for sale. Price INCLUDES SHIPPING. Paypal is [email protected] Shipping from Charleston SC. DM for information or to inquire. Used Vokey SM7 set w/ Jet black finished removed, C-Taper S and Brand New Titleist Grips $70 $60 per wedge, $110 for the two 50.12 F, 63 Lie, STD Length 56 is SOLD 60.08 M, 63 Lie , STD Length Wedges were old gamers, ordered Oct. 2019. Grip are standard size with the Titleist scrip down, and are brand new (installed them today). Still some life left in them and would PERFER to sell as set.
  2. Only one item for sale. Price INCLUDES SHIPPING. Paypal is [email protected] Shipping from SC. DM for information or to inquire. Sim 9* head Specs: Head weight (WITH LEAD TAPE): 198g $245 for just head Able toremove lead tape.
  3. Just saw a email from srixon about a ball release on 2/1/21. Would make since by my books to announce brooks with a new ball release to grab some big headlines. its an awesome company with great irons. I hope getting brooks helps increase their US market share. They’re already huge in asia
  4. Have a few hybrid shafts and some TBC gear available. Paypal is [email protected] Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING, add $10 for anything west of Mississippi River, Lower 48 states only. Only will trade TBC head covers for others. DM if any questions or to inquire. Tensei Pro White 90TX hybrid shaft w/ Titleist adapter and new grip. $old Tensei Pro White 90 S hybrid shaft $old TBC Cactus Jack Rope Hat New $old TBC US OPEN & Las Vegas Blade Covers $100 each, $190 for both Have only seen the light of my putter cover rack. Two coo
  5. I gamed a Sim last year w a Ventus black 6x and we have a love hate relationship. When I hit it good, its GOOOD, but it just gets sporadic at time. I hit the G425 max, one of the easiest driver to hit that I've ever hit. I am most likely gonna put a g425 LST 9 w a Ventus blue 6x probably as my gamers. long easier to hit and really forgiving for a players like head
  6. that tsi3 looks SICK. Getting a little bit of Adams vibes from it. As a younger person, I got into golf when I thing Adams had the red hybrid released so I missed the great Adams years
  7. Okay everyone, we all know this was gonna happen eventually. With the baby goat teeing it up, I bet many are wondering what he’s gaming. Ive been looking over all of the social media post from today and this is what I’ve been able to determine so far. Driver is a Taylormade Sim with an Evenflow Riptide CB in it. Id say either the 4.0 or 5.0 40g. He has some type of Sim fairway wood. Irons and wedges I haven’t been able to figure out the type, but definitely looks like some type of graphite shaft. For the flat stick he’s got a Spider X with a blacked out
  8. Handicap: 7.1 Current setup: Titleist 818 H2 19* with Tensei White 90g S Closest Dealer: Tru Spec Columbus, OH What hybrid or utility iron head will you install your shaft in? in my current gamer, Titleist 818 H2 19* Choose your Ventus HB weight/flex: Ventus Blue 9x Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely
  9. What is the weight for the back weight for the SIM. I want to take 1/2 inch off length but don't have the tool to get the back weight off at the moment.
  10. Have some headcover left over. Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING w USPS. All are brand new with only seeing my putter rack. Paypal is [email protected] DM for any questions. TBC Pinstriped Slow Player Blade $150 $135 OBO TBC New York Blade $150 $135 OBO TBC New York Mallet $150 $135 OBO Finally my favorite one: TBC Sneakerhead $275
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