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  1. It's called a pro-am. Combining some LPGA & male amateurs would be a good idea too.
  2. The hospital certainly did a screen before surgery to make sure there were no drug interactions with anything the hospital was going to administer. Whether it could be used against Tiger by the police is anyone's guess. But I am certain it could be used in a lawsuit against the auto company. But then, Tiger is a multi-millionaire and car companies hate bad press. It's more likely a settlement would be reached than a suit ever going to court.
  3. Are AMATEURS in golf getting bigger, stronger, and faster in golf? I think not. The pros are, so they are going to handicap the ball and punish amateurs, making the game that much harder for Joe golfer.
  4. Anybody have any experience with 5 star golf mats? I ordered the sample (which is a 1x3 mat) for $32 and it seems pretty good, but I'd like to hear other's opinion before shelling out for a full sized mat. https://5stargolfmats.com/
  5. The backswing puts you in position to make the downswing. The downswing puts you in position to make the proper impact.
  6. This is going to sound screwy, but it helped me with my iron topping problem. Address the ball with the bottom of the iron 2-3 inches ABOVE the ground. Take your normal backswing and downswing from there. DON'T THINK, just do it--let your unconscious mind control your swing. Your unconscious mind knows that you are too high and will adjust your downswing so you hit down at the ball. Hit a bucket of balls like that and try to remember that feeling you have when you hit down to strike the ball. Incorporate that feeling into your regular golf swing, and you'll
  7. The clubface is in contact with the ball 0.0004 seconds--thats 4/10,000 of a second. Are they saying increasing it to 5/10,000 of a second would make a difference?
  8. You must not have played a course built in the subdivision golf course craze. The point was to have as many homes on the golf course as possible (to increase the price of the lots). Consequently, the route of the course was stretched out, often in wacky ways.
  9. Most, not all. The belly putter ban also affected a minority of golfers. But it's the chip, chip, chipping away at amateurs with minor rule changes that eventually builds up. Small strokes fell great oaks is an old saying for a reason: it's true.
  10. They way things are going, they're going to have to come up with a new numbering system. Ping clubs are marked: 9, W, U, S, & L. Might as well be random lettering.
  11. Cavity-back/game-improvement irons produce a higher ball flight because the center of gravity is farther back. So, they need to strengthen the lofts to compensate. That doesn't mean manufacturers haven't over-jacked the lofts. They have, because salesmen think extra distance on a 7 iron is a big selling point (and I guess to some it is). Look on eBay and see how many people are selling used sets where the 6 iron is the lowest club. Four irons--6, 7, 8, & 9--that's some impressive set of irons.
  12. I've been looking for a golf mat for use in the back yard. I ran across the 5 Star golf mats, but I can't find any third party info on them. They seem reasonably priced, but I leery of buying something sight unseen and unreviewed. Does anyone have any experience with them or can point me to a review? Here is their web site: https://5stargolfmats.com/commercial-golf-mats/
  13. So, let's talk about the change in the groove rule and elimination of belly putters. Both were done to rollback the pro game. Both hurt amateurs.
  14. Heard a golf grass expert recently. He pointed out that much of the distance is coming from roll out, not carry. And the reason is courses are cutting their fairway grass shorter than they did in prior decades. So short that it would have been considered green length previously. His solution to the pro's distance problem: let the fairway grass grow.
  15. Late to the topic, but here's my take: -- The average amateur golfer in 1960 scored...100. -- The average amateur golfer today scores...100. When the USGA talks about protecting par and rolling back distance, it's not talking about amateurs--it's talking about professionals. They are talking about hamstringing the amateur game in order to protect the professional game. Golf is, at its heart, and amateur oriented sport. -- Amateurs support the equipment companies, not the pros. -- Amateurs support the courses, not the pros. -- Amate
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