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  1. As someone with a J33, 3 sets of 3-P J15CB’s and 2 sets of J15MB’s in my garage, these are absolutely some of the best clubs ever. If I wasn’t such a hoarder, I’d be happy to game a set of CB’s for the rest of my life. GLWS, you might be hearing from me soon lol.
  2. I have a Miyazaki Tour 6x, Velocore Blue 6x & 7x, Velocore Black 7s, and an AutoFlex 505x. I’d be interested in the Z’s and the 33’s, let me know if you wanna try and make a deal!
  3. Interested in the 945's. Shoot me a message with which Sim2 head/shaft combo you'd prefer and I'll get you taken care of. Let's make a deal!
  4. ZX7 performance with Miura feel. These still kick my ZX7's out of the bag every once in a while, not sure why I haven't just matched the shafts in them. GLWS, crazy cheap here!
  5. I thought I had the cleanest set of J15CB's left. You have me beat lol. Killer deal on those, GLWS!
  6. Those Apex’s are super tempting. I’ll reach out tomorrow if I can move some money around!
  7. That's the exact G400 that I've been holding out for. Bad timing for me, I'll ready to buy on Wednesday if it's still available!
  8. Yes indeed. Mizuno tips have never changed, only the appearance of them has.
  9. I still have my '16 M2, (I actually have 3 heads, just in case), but the only driver that outperforms it regularly for me is my Sim 1 tour head. The '16 M2 is the best head they've ever made, all things considered. The M5 is probably a tad longer and the Sim 1 is a tad lower lower spinning, but they both have the be hit in the dead center to get those results. The M2 just works, no matter what. It's like a mega-juiced G400 with better looks. If I wasn't industry and getting handed new stuff all the time, I'd still be gaming the M2, without question.
  10. I could definitely get over it lol. Lemme move some other stuff and I'll reach out. Pay day was yesterday and I made the mistake of checking my cost on ZX7's and long story short, that's where it all went. I'll be in touch asap!
  11. That black 2 checks all the boxes for me, sheesh. Trade for a set of mint 680MB protos? GLWS, I'll be here lurking!
  12. Free bump for a ZX7 fundraiser! Finally got mine built and in the bag and they really are THAT good. GLWS and enjoy them!
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