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  1. When I need to hit a stinger type shot, I use a trick I learned from a random Monte youtube video about punching out of the woods. Start left, stay left, go left. It is a stroke shaver.
  2. First time I've ever video'd my swing. I had no idea my back was that hunched and butt tucked under that far. Explains a lot regarding my miss-hits which are toe strikes or dead pulls. This 7-iron was flushed, however.
  3. I shanked one on the range earlier this week. First shank in about 25 years. Granted, it was a Hogan Apex II 2-iron..... old timers will understand.
  4. That's a beautiful golf swing. I think taking it straight back and feeling that left thumb rotate up to the sky would probably fix the OTT.... but man that's a pretty swing.
  5. My opinion is pretty worthless.... but you asked for it. Personally, I think you're trying to take the club back too far... which is jacking your head out of whack, collapsing your left arm, and causing you to stand up in transition instead of a semi-squat and drive off of right foot. I think your club face is fine at left arm parallel.
  6. A set of Hogan Apex II Cameo Blacks 2-E, a new Taylormade RBZ Black driver, a set of golfpride tour wrap grips, a Titleist Hybrid 5 golf bag, a new vintage Callaway head cover for my trusty ole Steelhead III, a new Taylormade universal driver head cover.
  7. 56 deg, soft grip squeezing left pinky, transition just short of hands waist high, smooth it.
  8. Going left, for me, is caused by 1 of 2 things.... taking the club back inside causes me to come over the top in the downswingswinging too hard causes muscles to tense up and toe contact... i. e. snap hookTake it straight back, let the hip/shoulder turn put it on plane and swing easy.
  9. The transition you’re asking about is really what separates great golf swings from not so great golf swings, IMO. The key for me is to take club head straight back low and extend right leg enough to push my right butt cheek straight back against an imaginary wall about 3 inches behind me. Weight never goes more than ~ 50% to right side. The tension in the right thigh/glute will let the rest of your body know when to start the transition.
  10. Move my divots a couple of inches forward of the ball with better lower body action and weight transfer. Improve chipping consistency by using the bounce of the club. Get HCI to a 5. Played to a 9.3 last summer after a decade layoff.
  11. I feel like the hip turn pushes my right butt cheek against an imaginary wall.
  12. I started playing golf at age 5 (43 now). Played a ton in my teens through early 30's and would routinely shoot in the 70's and had a couple of sub-par rounds along the way. Then kids and life got in the way of my golf passion for about a 10-year stretch and I played about 1 round a year during that stretch. I was still able to score in the 82 - 88 range through all of those years, but didn't sniff a round in the 70's for over a decade. Several of my younger co-workers (late 20's/early 30's) talked me into giving it another go so I did.... and have had a blast. They're all ~ 16+ handicaps,
  13. > @ZA206 said: > Played in a one day member-member 2 man best ball money match 2 years ago. I was a 3.5 index, guy I was playing with was a 2.0 index. I shoot a sweet 95. I didn’t have one three putt, but I did have 4 lost ball/OB, two hazard penalties, one ball lodged in the roots of a tree, and was in about 12 sand traps that day. (Most were fried egg or buried in the lip lies). > > I also sprained my ankle looking for a ball. > I also ripped my shirt looking for a different ball. > I also cut my face and was bleeding into a towel while looking for yet a different bal
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