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  1. Want new in plastic or new without plastic. Wanting to buy today. thanks
  2. Aldila ascent in R-40 is 48g I put sim 8° to 6° And built it 46.75 inches and D1.5 sw. removed 10g head weight to 189g and it works. Picked up 7-8 mph CHS and 30-40 yards total distance. It works.
  3. Whoa, these are steals. Wish I was in the market for a new putter. Should go quickly!
  4. Because when tour issued heads are weighed and written down on the spec sticker they usually count the weight with the tm adapter connected to the head.
  5. Unless his arms stay the same length as he gets taller he should be good staying in relatively the same length shaft with no issues.
  6. The 2.0 has a built in putting alignment aid...kind of a response to callaway triple track to me.
  7. 902 is legit, great playability and solid feel. nothing bad to say about them at all, they really perform. Only thing if I could choose would be to reduce the offset a little more especially in short irons.
  8. Mmt feels smoother to me and more shock absorbing....also probably a little more true to flex where as Accra is great as well just feels a little more on the harsh side to me. Solid results with both though just prefer mmt myself.
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