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  1. Mmt feels smoother to me and more shock absorbing....also probably a little more true to flex where as Accra is great as well just feels a little more on the harsh side to me. Solid results with both though just prefer mmt myself.
  2. Also interested in everyone’s thoughts!
  3. Could also be the opposite where you aren’t getting enough spin with the launcher but the low cg makes them playable with increased land angle for stopping power but you aren’t spinning it enough to max out carry distance.
  4. Super driver shaft that is flying under the radar.
  5. Have the 125TX scoring wedges to go along with 105 TX irons and will let you know how it goes for me. Love both the 125 tx and 105 tx just get slightly better numbers with 105 tx as far as spin and launch seem to be in just a little better window than the slightly lower spin and launch of the 125 for me. I’m a lower spin player to begin with so that paired with the bridgestone BX has been a game changer for me.
  6. Lmk what you have, ready to buy. Thanks
  7. Looking at all options for my friend to complete his set. Had a member have one I was looking to grab and I lost the messages somehow. thanks for your time
  8. Thank you! I got the Motore X F3 6X and playing it in sim 8° with a ton of success so far. Knocked everything else out. Picked up a a few yards of carry with the same rollout over ventus blue and pro orange.
  9. He paid me the $25 difference btw.
  10. Did you really have to post wondering if you should refund me the money I lost by purchasing your sik armlock putter you decided you didn’t want to sell me? I bought it and waited patiently a couple days as you said you were going to have loft and lie adjusted for me...you told me it was adjusted and you were ready to ship and then you message me saying you dropped it and dinged it or whatever and you didn’t feel right sending with it being like that so you refunded without me asking. I asked for pics of the putter and said I could refinish it myself and still would be okay taking it depen
  11. What are the tipping recommendations on this shaft? Or what has everyone been trying? thanks
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