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  1. A prepaid shipping label and refund once the shaft is returned?
  2. Put it all out there. Who all was involved and why is this not an easy fix?
  3. I’d give the seller a timeframe of a few days to get this sorted out, then file a PayPal dispute. It’s on the seller to get this fixed, not you. P
  4. Ship back first. Refund second. Always works that way.
  5. If I was the seller, I’d just refund and take better pics next time. Keep my reputation as a good seller. Shipping on a driver head isn’t that much. I’d eat shipping to buyer and ask buyer to eat shipping back. Take better pics and relist on BST. Sometimes it’s hard to get tiny imperfections to show up, especially on gloss black items.
  6. Doing that enough times with something small, light, and cheap to ship could build quite a big store credit. Range Finders? Launch Monitors?
  7. My friend got one and wants to know where he can buy replacement weights. They don’t have them on the cobra golf website. He doesn’t want to use lead tape, which I already had in my golf bag.
  8. https://www.taylormadegolf.com/P770-Irons/DW-WZ705.html?lang=default There is the deal you’re supposed to be directed to. P770 iron set for $400 off.
  9. I’m going to ship everything with signature required from now on.
  10. Ask him to call someone in the neighborhood to pick it up and hold it until he returns.
  11. I would spend whatever it takes to get the right club regardless of how often it’s used. It’s going to be in my bag for many many years or until the grooves are too worn out. Why would I get cheap on any of them? I don’t need the latest, just the best ones for me.
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