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  1. Ask questions for all the details you’re concerned about and after that, you’ve got PayPal protection. File a dispute.
  2. Depends on the look at address and offset for me. They’ve had some awesome looking designs, that when I held at address, it was .
  3. Personally, I can’t stand the look at address.
  4. Consider the shaft tipped, free of charge. Courtesy of USPS.
  5. This or the Power Pod. Or go demo a bunch of newer drivers and find out what YOU like and get along with. Then get fit into it.
  6. I was in store a couple weeks ago. Had a shirt and a dozen balls I wanted. No coupons at the time so I got on my phone and found at golfgalaxy.com near the bottom was an e-mail signup for 15%. I signed up and it emailed me a code for 15%. I asked the girl at checkout if she could apply it to in-store purchases and it was no problem. So I went back and found another couple t-shirts! The 15% even applied to the dozen balls, which I didn’t expect it to.
  7. I bet that crown is a sticker on top of a steel head. And a pretty poorly done sticker at that!
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