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  1. And I was to know this how? Last I heard from him, he was in Mexico on vacation.
  2. Unless the last time I checked it was undergoing maintenance, there were very few posts. It looked almost abandoned.
  3. He has an employee. steve should have sent an email. Don’t need details, just let me know something. And it’s not just the interest, it’s the principle. My money was tied up for a long time. That’s unacceptable. Would anyone here be ok buying something on the BST and hearing basically nothing for that long only to get a refund?
  4. If that was the reason, byron or steve could have let me know and apologized for having my money for this long. Also, back in August, they still didn’t know how to make it? I made one before! There is no excuse for zero communication. Especially after having payment for that long.
  5. What happened to cameroncollector.com?
  6. Never thought I’d post a negative review of byron morgan. But anyway, I ordered a custom putter back at the end of May. Sent a detailed picture and details to both steve and byron. Spoke to both. Was quoted 6-8 weeks. Figured no problem. They knew what I wanted and quoted me $950. On June 2, I made payment of $475. They said half now and half when it’s done. I contacted steve on 8/20 for an update since this was about 11 weeks in. He only replied “Still trying to figure out how to make it” I emailed byron last week and received no reply. Today I get a refund on my credit card. No call, no email, no reason, just a refund. Yes it was an odd putter. One I made myself before, was rough looking, but worked for me. Just a right handed blade style putter with a left handed plumbers neck welded on. So it plays like a normal right handed putter with just over a shaft of onset. Needed some tweaking to get it where I liked it. And the balance really made me focus on the putter path. I liked it and it was stolen. Yep, someone stole a putter that they couldn’t even sell. What really pisses me off was the lack of communication and the fact I’d paid interest on the $475 for now 5 months. Not even an explanation or a suggestion to change something so they could make it. Nothing. Wouldn’t have even known had I not opened the app to send someone zelle.
  7. https://www.dhgate.com/product/brand-new-top-quality-golf-club-t-300-irons/728686542.html Those have your “M” serial number
  8. I figured the “Gen 6” driver head would clue some people in…
  9. I wouldn’t even guarantee items you want will be available by Thanksgiving. If there was something I really wanted, I’d just buy it now.
  10. I’ve been looking for a PXG driver head only. Must be mint and Gen6. I’ll pay up to $200.
  11. PayPal via goods & services. Nothing else
  12. Few times through the washing machine and it’s going to look worse. I have a few cameron towels and wish I hadn’t spent the money on them. Brand new they look great and have tight stitching. After several washes, not so much.
  13. A lot worse. Food prices are similar, but the amount in the packages is close to half! Shrinkflation, same thing.
  14. https://www.pxg.com/en-us/clubs/drivers/0811-x-plus-prototype-driver Same price direct on PXG’s website. Pay for shipping and there are custom shafts and other lofts available. Some free, some with an upcharge. Plus you can get the length what you want. Much better way to purchase one IMO.
  15. I liked the driver head when I hit my friends. But I never got along with that $60 shaft those come with. Once built to suit me, it wouldn’t be that great of a deal.
  16. Perfect chance to get it hot melted. Get the swingweight you want AND have it sound a lot better!
  17. Name it whatever you want, just make a TP version. That’s cool and worth at least a $50 upcharge. SIM Quad & SIM Quad TP would have been cool. With MWT, there’s no need for a draw version.
  18. I’ll buy the next Ping G series driver without turbulators at almost any price.
  19. I’d do it. Especially if you also get the bag! That’s hard to beat just to have a full bag ready to get back into it. Worry about upgrading once you have a repeatable and quality swing.
  20. That guy has a ton of golf stuff for sale. I bet he doesn’t even inspect them that well. He doesn’t even clean them all. He’s just a high volume reseller. Send him a message and I bet he’ll take them down.
  21. I liked the sound and feel of the Cobra fairway woods I’ve played. And they do make an adjustable 7w.
  22. Shouldn’t PayPal make a little something for offering their protection? It’s a small price to pay for an outstanding insurance plan.
  23. Are you looking at the paint break? Is that rust in the torx screw? Personally, I don’t like reshafted clubs where I don’t know all the details. And that’s sloppy. For a driver this new, it wasn’t taken care of. I have drivers three times as old that look better.
  24. “Nobody makes underwear the way DULUTH does. Period! - Ka-Boom Baby!”
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