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  1. Good luck check them out on the PGA Value Guide https://valueguide.pga.com
  2. Trade them in to somewhere like Callaway Pre-Owned when they offer the 50% bonus. Several places do it every year.
  3. Depends on the look at address and offset for me. They’ve had some awesome looking designs, that when I held at address, it was .
  4. Personally, I can’t stand the look at address.
  5. Consider the shaft tipped, free of charge. Courtesy of USPS.
  6. This or the Power Pod. Or go demo a bunch of newer drivers and find out what YOU like and get along with. Then get fit into it.
  7. I was in store a couple weeks ago. Had a shirt and a dozen balls I wanted. No coupons at the time so I got on my phone and found at golfgalaxy.com near the bottom was an e-mail signup for 15%. I signed up and it emailed me a code for 15%. I asked the girl at checkout if she could apply it to in-store purchases and it was no problem. So I went back and found another couple t-shirts! The 15% even applied to the dozen balls, which I didn’t expect it to.
  8. I bet that crown is a sticker on top of a steel head. And a pretty poorly done sticker at that!
  9. If the G400MAX didn’t have turbulators, I’d own one. And I’d have 5 backup heads!
  10. If you’re staring at a speck that small on a certain spot on the driver while at address, you’re doing it wrong. On the other hand, if you can see that at address, god bless! You’ve got amazing eyesight!
  11. He needs to send a prepaid label. Or send you funds needed to return it. In no way should you pay for his mistake. And I wouldn’t send it to the other buyer. That person hasn’t helped matters. And it could only get worse involving that person again.
  12. Post the sellers name
  13. A prepaid shipping label and refund once the shaft is returned?
  14. Put it all out there. Who all was involved and why is this not an easy fix?
  15. I’d give the seller a timeframe of a few days to get this sorted out, then file a PayPal dispute. It’s on the seller to get this fixed, not you. P
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