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  1. This sux. I missed recording half of moving day cause it was on CNBC. Damn. Better notice of that should have been made. s***. Who made a move?
  2. 111 yds. to hole on level lie, no wind. Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk for minutes on end before finally hitting the shot. It’s a lousy shot. There’s your problem, Brooke.
  3. Look at all the white pants. Go figure.
  4. Holy Cow! She could have shot a 59! When she plays at her best, she is the best. Unreal fight to capture the trophy. What a shot at 18!
  5. For gods sake, hit the freaking drive! All this cogitating is ridiculous.
  6. It is true that white pants are for women. It’s just nature at play. Deny it all you want, but . . ..
  7. Really, there are no hoodies. What are they hiding from?
  9. So all tv is showing is the leader and Charlie Hull? And Miram Lee. That’s it.
  10. Mouth breathers are sad. They know they are on video.
  11. There is a cure for mouth breathers. Why wouldn’t one seek a solution?
  12. Is there any way to shut up Nantz during the action?
  13. Koepka said “I’ll take it if you give it to me.”
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