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  1. Hire Bones as your caddy and find a new swing/mental coach. Maybe Foley???
  2. I almost bought a set of G400s , and instead opted for the Taylormade M6 irons. They are a bit on the chunky looking side, however they are very forgiving and I have improved my long iron game with these.
  3. SWING: twice since I started playing in 1987. I now play with a strong grip and tend to draw the ball GRIP: I went from a baseball grip as a beginner to an interlock grip 5 years later so that my hands works together. How about you?
  4. I have golf balls sorted into 3 diff categories: 1- PRIMO ( ProV1s, TM, Bridgestone) 2- AVERAGE balls 3- CRAP The CRAP ones I give away. The AVERAGE ones I use almost all of the time. The PRIMO ones I use for matches or for playing at upscale courses.
  5. I'm gaming a set of M6 irons and so far I like them and the forgiveness I get. I have KBS reg shaft in them. How are you liking yours?
  6. Accuform , Daiwa, Yonex, Lynx, Founders,
  7. I think Bushnell now has a bluetooth speaker/GPS that plays music and also gives you yardages. The game of golf for the public has changed likely due to the demand for a funner experience for golfers. Attracting new golfers to the game is important however some people take it a bit too far with the on course noise and antics.
  8. I can't imagine not having a 3W in my bag
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