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  1. I tried this for about 10 rounds a few weeks ago. Going D, p790 UDI, 3-PW, 51, 56, 60. While my scores didn't vastly improve, I shortly after returned the fairways and hybrids to the bag, you can just get so much more out of a hybrid compared to a traditional long iron on slight miss hits. I enjoyed all irons when I was doing it, but after reverting back I realised how much was being left on the table
  2. I hit my clubs poor enough as is the proper way, I see no benefit to having a lone opposite handed club. If I'm really stuck up against something that requires a shot the other way, I'm just flipping a club over and knocking it out, my goal at that point in time is to get away from the obstacle, I'm not trying to advance the ball 150 yards. For a swing you'll perform once in a blue moon, you have a higher chance of messing it up and getting deeper into trouble. I personally think you should try and keep as few one dimensional clubs in the bag as possible. Driver and putter are two already gone, I'd rather add another specialty wedge than an opposite handed club.
  3. By simple and pure drivers and fairways, are you looking for a modern head that's bonded? You'll probably have to start digging into the JDM clubs
  4. Aside from the blueprints, pretty much nothing they've come out with in the last 10 years has peaked my interest.
  5. Superhybrid, better bridge to the big stick than a 2 iron. IMO, more useful off the deck
  6. You bought them, that's reason enough to deserve playing them. I'd keep them, if you loved them and are nostalgic about them you'll just regret getting rid of them. By all means, get something that's more forgiving in the meantime. You won't get their value through a trade, and they won't lose anymore value sitting on them for a while longer, getting out and playing more deciding if they're still for you or not
  7. From what kind of distance are we talking here? I've found my distance control with a blade far better than with a mallet. Pga tour average for between 5-10 feet one putt is only 56%, I'd argue that the average golfer practices their putting the least of all the aspects of their game. Not the putter styles fault amateurs suck at putting.
  8. Been using MP-54's for years, big fan. Not overly compact, but workable and easy to launch for an iron of its size, and they feel great.
  9. Every once in a while I'll break out the r7 TP fairway woods, still great today, long and easy to launch
  10. Providing an update to this topic. The last few days I've been on my yearly golf vacation, over the last 4 rounds I've only used driver, UDI, 3-pw, 51, 56, 60. It's hard to say the exact effect it has had on my strokes as I'm playing a bunch of courses I haven't played in years, all of which are more difficult than my usual tracks. That being said my scores are very comparable to what I normaly shoot, which I consider a win. I've been playing from the blue equivalents from all the courses ranging from 6400-6750 yards. Driver has been behaving for the most part and when it's not the UDI has been an all star. I honestly can't recall any situations where I really regretted not having a fairway or hybrid. I brought a handful of spare hybrids and fairway woods with me incase things went south, but so far I haven't been tempted at all. Planning on keeping it going for the rest of the week. Only downside is now that my driver is the primary tee club instead of flipping been driver hybrids and fairways, I've been browsing for new drivers, which I definitely don't need. If anything I might be looking at utilities to aid in only the 3 iron spot, it's definitely easier to launch the UDI vs the set 3 iron.
  11. Just putt with the 1 iron, embrace the iron only lifestyle
  12. Relatable, my driver is more accurate than my 3 wood off the tee. My 2/3 woods off the deck are either bombs away or "should I bother shouting fore?" because by the time it lands it's going to over those 2 fairways and into the farmers field
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