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  1. Is anyone surprised? If they were fully made in the USA I'm sure that would be a massive part of their advertising
  2. In my fitting the elevate tours performed very similar to the KBS tours. I had X flex KBS tours in my RAZR X musclebacks, and directly compared them to the 0211 ST's X flex elevate tours, pretty much same same
  3. Blades all the way, my 0211 ST came in yesterday and I'm beyond excited. My father got a 0211 DC 4 iron to blend with his JPX 919 hot metals, both good looking clubs, the DC's just aren't my style
  4. Stamped 51° MP-T raw haze user checking in, love it as a gap wedge
  5. Rep just responded, 30 day price protection from date of order. Credit towards PXG products for the difference
  6. I just messaged my rep, Canada as well. from what I recall them saying at the time of the fitting, any price decrease within 30 says of your order, and you'll be given PXG credit for the difference, that was just shy of a month ago so I'm still a little fuzzy on full details. Waiting to hear back
  7. Just had my 0211ST 5-GW delivered yesterday. Going to have to get in touch with my rep and get that sweet sweet credit towards the next purchase
  8. Recently bought a project X evenflow blue 6.0 65G to fiddle around with, threw it in the SLDR 430. Smooth swinging butter cuts for days. Fades with the SLDR 10.5 were going further than draws with the 915 D3
  9. LUXOR54

    Worth buying?

    If you have the spare change to do it, and believe that you can sell them for more or the same as when you got them, go right ahead
  10. I think PXG offers everything they make in every loft left handed as well. But you're right, it's nice to see some smaller guys covering that market as well. These are beautiful clubs, probably the best looking CB I've ever seen. I don't need another set... I don't need another set...
  11. LUXOR54


    Got my fitting got the 0211 ST a week and a half ago, can't wait for them to ship. Just in time for the simulator golf season
  12. Doesn't make any sense really, unless you're taking the driver out and using the lowest lofted fairway as a primary tee club. 1.5° isn't enough to consistently make a difference especially when the shaft is the same length. If you have room at the top of the bag you could go 15° 3 wood, then 18° 5 wood. Or just the lone 16.5°. real world conditions you're probably not hitting the 15° much further than the 16.5°, and the 16.5° is generally easier to launch off the deck.
  13. In my experience they feel very nice, not dead or hollow at all. Definitely have that soft pillowy forged feel. It's hard to describe, the cavity doesn't make them feel springy, but they do feel like they have a little more gas off the sweet spot, especially the 3/4. I'd say the slot design still has staying power, it's not a direct comparison to the modern hollow irons. The slot makes for a more forgiving cavity, allows them to move the weight around. the new T100S use a cavity design even. Edit: if you need any comparison or head pictures of the 54's let me know, I'm more than happy to provide
  14. I haven't hit all of what you've listed, But I've had good success with the 5, 4, and 3 irons of the MP-54's. Bigger than most MP's but the deep cut cavity gets the ball up in the air.
  15. Since July of 2018. If they just discontinued them that's just shy of 3 and a half years, an eternity for golf equipment
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