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  1. Your friend isn't a fitter, simple as that. Professionals deal with that stuff all the time "I know you're the professional, but my buddy said..." They're fitters, they'll get their money if you buy, it's not like it's in their best interest to fit you to a poor set. That will make you unhappy, give them a bad reputation, and make them unhappy. If they said you have a unique delivery and those shafts would be ideal for you, I'd trust them especially if it's coming from multiple fits from different sources. most people would consider my P790 udi in 6.5 "a lot" but hey, I'm out here swinging my
  2. I definitely have a few clubs that I'll switch around if I know it's going to be a blustery day, one of my favorite courses can get winds some days of about 30km/hr blowing constant with gusts up by to 60km/hr. The 15° fairway wood gets knocked out for either a 13° or a 12.5°, and I may drop a wedge to put in a P790 UDI just to cut under the wind, use a driver and accidently launch it too high, you'll stand around waiting for it to land a few holes away once the wind is done with it.
  3. Why not just club up and choke down slightly? If you aren't de-lofting, why not let the club selection de-loft for you? If you get new clubs with stronger lofts that's all that will be happening, the club will have stronger lofts as if it's a lower lofted club for the same number. Should be no difference in performance. Unless for some reason you're utterly obsessed with hitting your 7 iron a specific number and it would hurt your ego to use a 6 instead
  4. Gotcha, so it's just another distance problem solution, like dialing back the ball
  5. I feel the same way. When I got back into golf a few years ago I needed a new set of irons, bought a used set of M2's, hated them. No feel or feedback, inconsistent distances and couldn't hold any greens. Promptly traded them in for MP54's and haven't looked back. Switch between the 54's and a set of 29's, but I don't notice much of a difference between the two.
  6. This has me curious, care to elaborate?
  7. If you're solely relying on grips the size of a Pringles can to improve your game, you need practice, not grips. Camerons aren't garbage if you get a decent model at a decent price, at least it will hold its value.
  8. What kind of hackjob of a reviewer factors in the condition of the grip when not reviewing a brand new club? Anyone that does that has no credibility in my book. Imagine listening to an auto journalists review of a used car and rates it low because the 5 year old tires on it are worn down and crap. Not really a fault of the final product is it? It's one thing for the stock grip to not be to your liking, it's entirely different if the grip sucks because it's old and used. For me it has zero bearing, on a used club it can be used as a negotiation for price even further down which is
  9. Tour edge has lots of different options between their exotics and hot launch range. Hybrids, iron Woods, different style irons, all with many different shaft material and flex options, check out their site and see if anything catches your eye. Good for value as well
  10. Hey now, you leave me and my 10 putters out of this!
  11. I'd say pretty much anything you spend money for and don't use. Spending $300 on a hybrid is one thing, but when you're spending that in addition to getting a 3-pw set or a 4-gw just to immediately toss the 3/4/GW and spend more money on a different style replacement. I agree with $600 headcovers as well. There's something to be said about boutique markers/divot tools. The fact that some people are spending $250-300+ on a CNC milled and stamped divot tool and ball marker boggles the mind.
  12. I'm not seeing any difference. Direct from Mizuno website. I think you may be confusing models. The jpx 921 forged has a 31° 7 iron. The jpx 921 tour has a 34° 7 iron. The jpx 921 tour makes up the 6-gw of the SEL set, the 4/5 iron are the forged model
  13. For me it was an Apex 19 3 hybrid. In the past I had never really gotten along with iron biased hybrids, but this thing is choice
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