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  1. Thanks for the replies! I went ahead and sprung for a 2KXV 75x Green and had that plugged into a Cobra adapter and immediately it felt smoother and a little easier to get around on, just still not 100% in love. I never took it to the course, but since it is set up I plan to take both shafts next time I play and tinker a bit. I have also noticed the driver "feels" better with the heavier weight in the rear and the flight more consistent. The other day on the range though I was messing with the 2KXV and the 15th Anny NV. I ended up putting the 15th Anny in and turning
  2. So I sprung for the NV 15th Anny in the 70 TX in my new Cobra Speedzone. When the Cobra's hit sales, it was too hard to pass on especially with the other drivers I was interested in being $500+. Hit the NV in the Cobra yesterday on the range and loved it - like everything was pretty much a dead straight rocket. Then I went to the course and it was a different story. I was losing shots right and felt I really had to work to get the shaft to load up - sometimes to the point I swung too hard and out of control. When I felt I hit a good one, it would take off in a mid, very penetrating flight
  3. Great to hear - appreciate the follow-up! I am kind of leaning that way as a backup/gamer option for my driver and the shaft I'll put into my next head when I pull the trigger. Even though I have been driving the ball well, I feel like my Kuro Kage is a little spinny and occasionally I feel it "lags" behind. LOVE the anti-left, I am wanting to hit more flat spinning fades and I hate the worry of a hook. I think the Tour Green in the 3W is great for feel and being able to do more with it - I want to go after the D more and like that aspect of the NV. Might be time to pick one up
  4. Put the Tour Green 85TX in the 3 wood and after one range session, I REALLY like it! Tempted to try a Tour Green, 2KXV, or 15th Anny in a TM adapter to be a backup to my KK.
  5. Decided to pull the hZRDUS and put in the Tour Green 85TX - has the weird rubberized finish and the install left marks on it. Oh well I guess - will let y'all know if I like.
  6. My HZRDUS Black showed up today and I decided to put it in - really like it so far, but only hit it on the range. The course will tell the whole story. Definitely agree with what you said, it is very stable and I like the more headweight type feel it provides. I just wish I could get my hands on an 85 gram version...
  7. This thread may be dead, but I have the Equalizer wedges in 52 & 56 and love them - some of my favorite wedges I've ever owned. I really think I got the specs dialed in and the black finish is great!
  8. Cool - I will let you know what happens with the Tour Green and let me know about the 15th Anny. Thanks! Update: Got the 85TX Tour Green on order - really excited to get it put into my M2. I read that the flexes in the X and TX are the same CPM, just torque gets lower in the TX versions.
  9. I put one in an old style (but newer head) Ping Anser with the slot and I was shocked at how much more consistent I was with the putter. I have never thought about shafts in a putter much, but decided to experiment and glad I did - sounds weird, but I feel like I don't miss the sweet spot much anymore and the weight feels more "balanced" Plus the matte black with a Pingman grip on it and the gold/bronze head looks AMAZING!
  10. Awesome, thanks for the follow up - I found an 85 TX Tour Green on Ebay that I may put a bid in on. It shows the torque is much lower at that weight (which I am not sure at 2.8 if it will feel like rebar), plus I like the extra weight in the 3w. I am not sure though if it will be too much shaft in a 3 wood though with the TX - may just need to stick it in with very little tipping. I like the fact that you said you can go at it or go 80% and feel comfortable either way - that's what I am looking for in a 3 wood. I am mostly planning to play it off the tee when I need 270ish and straight.
  11. True Linkswear TL-01 - zero drop, light, and feel like slippers. I honestly hit the ball better with True's on as well - zero drop makes so much difference for me!
  12. Awesome! I am anxious to hear about the 15th Anny Green and your thoughts. How is the Tour Green? I've also considered that as an option in my 3 wood, but heard it plays "soft" from Aldila when I reached out to them. I also have had success with Diamana shafts like you in the past, so I am looking forward to what you have to say. My HZRDUS Blacks seems stuck in the USPS system in California with no updates as to when it will come...ugh! I may pull the trigger on an NV Green 2KXV 75x to see what gets here first and then build the other as a backup driver shaft to try.
  13. I am a former NV player in college and remember hitting that in a Titleist driver really well overall. I really like tip stiff, lower torque shafts and have been struggling bad with 3 wood for years. I have a little out to in trap swing that is great for irons, but not so great for optimizing drivers/fairways. My current gamer 3 wood is a 917f3 with a Matrix 8M3 X, but I don't like it. I'm going to build an M2 Tour up and have a HZRDUS Black on order, but the Aldila's have me thinking and even in the driver which is currently an M3 440 with a Kuro Kage Silver 70X. I have read up on the NV
  14. I second the TM UDI from above - it's so straight and looooong. I consistently have one or so a round that go 280 and consistently 250+. Plus I can go high or low with it.
  15. Thanks! Going to get it installed this week hopefully
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