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  1. Dumb move for sure but hopefully Titleist stands behind him.
  2. Bought a set 2-PW that was mint as well this past summer. I didn’t need them but I could not pass up the deal. Great irons.
  3. Yeah, me too. Im sure they will get more in stock and I really wanted the white more than the black.
  4. Ordered both the black and white version on NDC yesterday. Today I got an email stating the white was “out of stock”. I ended up canceling the entire order. Frustrated
  5. I think TW can do and wear whatever he wants at this stage in the game...
  6. Thanks for the link! Do you know what the thread size is on these spikes?
  7. If you hit them well and are happy I would not cancel. Who knows if April timeframe is even accurate.
  8. Cally is going to have us all on a scavenger hunt for these now...
  9. That’s what people have been posting. Insiders are saying April.
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