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  1. I hear you man. The Tsi4 is an absolute low spinning beast for me as well. Looking forward to hearing more about this new low spinning monster from Cibra though.
  2. They were supposed to be his new irons. Maybe Cobra is being tight lipped a bit then still?
  3. Wonder if they plan on releasing Fowlers prototype Cobra putter? That one looks nice.
  4. Swing looked nice and controlled today. Hope he comes out and does the same thing tomorrow.
  5. A fully customizable odyssey putter line perhaps? If so, count me in
  6. I don’t know, changing clubs has always been the magic formula for a lot of WrxersMaybe Fowler will try it too? Looks like he is starting with the putter already…
  7. Charlie is rocking the high top Pumas..
  8. Haha! I wonder if any pros will start bagging these new putters. It will be interesting to follow.
  9. Bryson put out a video several months back about updated irons that will be coming out that he will be playing. He also mentioned a new 3 metal too.
  10. I thought they were releasing a new Tour BD type of one length iron set? Maybe that got scrapped?
  11. Hopefully one day they will get it together and make these sticks available to us ho’s..
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