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  1. I was an internal trail shoulder guy working on external " waiters tray" position The only way I can do it is to focus on extending /cupping the trail wrist in the back. It automatically put the shoulder into external
  2. Would love some feedback swing is improving shot 89 last time out used to have a major chicken wing due to closed clubface on downswing what's bothering me now is in picture 2 below my arms seem too far from my body and my elbows not tucked
  3. I have flexibility issues I do hit better when swinging more vertical and staying away from the "sacred burial ground" Any tips ?
  4. Found this thread after googleling keywords to try and explain the eureka moment I had at the range today. A little back ground I can hit the ball far but the driver has been my.worst club only shot in the 80's a half dozen times, I have been playing for 15 years about 15.to 20 rounds a year. Im.42 with short arms and stocky build. I usually push slice 2 or 3 drives a round out of bounds. On video I hit with an open clubface have trouble rotating the forearms through impact and releasing the club and clearing the hips Today I was tinkering and I would bow my wrist hard with a weak lead hand
  5. Hello, First post I recently discovered this site. Been playing golf for a few years but never seriously. This year i want to improve. I golf lefty, unflexible, about 5'8 muscular, 215lbs. I golf lefty but I am right hand dominate and i think that caused a lot of my problems with an open club face. I can hit the ball a mile but struggle with push slices and being too much inside. Recently took a lesson and the instructor videoed my swing. At first my instruction said my swing plane was perfect but then he noticed on my downswing I was too flat which he suspected was causing my pu
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