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  1. Hello.. would you be interested in a Scotty T22 Limited edition? I reshafted it with a black KBS ctaper .. and made it 36” I’m interested in trading for your SWAG.
  2. 10-4.. thank you. Beautiful set! I just bought a set last week, and am still considering getting these
  3. Can you send me a message please? I cannot send you a message for some reason... I’d like to make an offer. Thanks
  4. Which Diamana shafts are these? hard to tell exactly, but usage on both? thanks
  5. Gotcha! I have a Tour AD MT-7X that I would trade for the Ventus Let me know thoughts. thanks
  6. hey there... I’m trying to send a PM, but can’t find the direct message option. Weird! I have a Callaway Epic Flash Sub-Zero triple diamond in “like new” shape, and a Diamana BF 60TX. Would you be open for an even swap? Or parts of it? Please let me know, thanks!
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