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  1. Selling a 34 inch spider tour. Has some paint chipping, comes with super stroke pistol GT2.0 and original head cover . $110 shipped
  2. I have 2 pairs of pants, 38x34 under Armour white pants, 38 and needs to be hemmed Peter Millar pants. I wish they fit, but unfortunately they don’t. $50 shipped for both pairs.
  3. I have some Perry Ellis travel pants, about $18 -$22 bucks a pair at your local TJ MAXX or Marshall’s.
  4. I looked at a membership at the end of December and held off until April to get it, price went up $400. Granted they did tell me in December the annual fee was going up in the new year, so I have no one to blame but my self for the $400 hit
  5. A pair of blue and a pair of green UA golf pants, maybe worn a few times. $40 shipped for the 2
  6. Exactly what I thought at the beginning of his interview
  7. As a PGA member, whose headquarters are in Florida I disagree. If I were him I wouldn’t want to do interviews here either. The first thing the sports writers will ask is how could be so unwoke to play golf in Georgia. Anyway. Back to golf
  8. If that moron only is employed in their country of origin why would they need to be fluent in another language.
  9. I was typing a long winded observation. Of it as well, than I realized I am as bad as Nance.
  10. I just joined one for the first time as well. Not really sure what to expect. I know a handful of members, and am looking forward to playing in a lot of the action on the weekends.
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