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  1. I am in Maine. I pulled up an image of your package and it is addressed correctly. Machines sort most of the packages and sometimes if the zip-code is unclear it can cause a misread, but there is no reason this package should have ended up In freaking Guam other than incompetence. I have never seen that before in my many years working for USPS, and I have seen a lot. I apologize for your inconvenience.
  2. PM me the tracking number and I can give you some insight. I am in my office a couple more hours. Then after that I am on vacation playing golf down in beautiful FLa, so I wouldn’t be able to help you at that point.
  3. And a new Titleist cart bag that I can swap out with my hoofer depending on where I am playing
  4. Picked up an Ap3 3 iron to go with the 4-gw I already have , ping g 410 3 wood and 3 hybrid. Cameron Newport 2 putter.
  5. If all the leaders played Pebble yesterday, perhaps they concentrated on Pebble today assuming it would produce the lower scores, more birdie eagle opportunity?
  6. You can get the spikeless 360 BOA FOR $89 at Carl’s golfland https://www.carlsgolfland.com/adidas-tour360-xt-spikeless-boa-golf-shoes-white-black-silver
  7. I was stationed at Camp Foster 30 years ago. I played Kadena a few times, just don’t remember much, except walking there s few times. I did play one course off base a couple of times, but my memory is junk. I was 18-19 yo and when we were not working we were usually drinking, hence the lack of real good memories. I do remember my staff sergeant living just about on a driving range on camp Dixon I think it was called.
  8. New 3 wood, actually a demo I bought at Dicks for $199
  9. I ordered a pair, will be my first pair of BOA style shoes
  10. https://www.carlsgolfland.com/adidas-tour360-xt-spikeless-boa-golf-shoes-white-black-silver carls golfland has spikeless BOA on sale for $89.99, with free shipping
  11. i caddied at Kittansett as a teenager in the mid 80’5. Once you left the clubhouse and the first tee, there is no turning back. Unlike most courses I have played, when you make the turn to ten you are no where near the clubhouse. Once you pass up the ride, there is no shortcut back to the clubhouse.
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