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  1. I played epic max ls turned down -1 and spin sat around a comfortable 2300. Today I hit rogue max ls and I saw significantly lower spin. -400 rpm average Same shaft, same loft. lofted up to 9 and it was near 2000. May need to go 9.5 or 10. Or try a softer tip shaft and spinny ball. Great sounding driver! Triple D may be out of the equation. Anyone have numbers comparing Rogue to Rogue Max LS? Same loft, shaft etc…
  2. No. Don’t try it. I don’t want to sell it. Just leave and don’t hit it, it’s a waste of time”. This person has a job, selling clubs? What a joke!! thats like a barista saying don’t try our new coffee, it’s not as good as before.
  3. The trade in value of an Epic Max LS is solid. May actually pull the trigger on Rogue Max Ls and go with the RDX red for fun. Total was 300 before tax. Not bad Callaway!
  4. Uptight and possibly bent strong. Go have them checked at your local shop
  5. Famous last words….“ So, ______ What do you do for a living?”
  6. I’ve used them for a few weeks and I’m not overly concerned with the finish. They’re wedges after all and holding up ok. The markings on the face are more pronounced than say a satin or chrome finish because it’s going from darker to lighter. The bottom of the 56 has more wear from bunker shots…but the cool thing is it’s just brighter copper underneath. I played the t20 wedges and these are much softer, and spin more. Performance is more important to me than the finish. That’s just me tho… If little marks and scrapes etc would bother you than I would go with raw or chrome. Still get the soft copper under layer.
  7. Had fun building these two buttery soft T22 denim copper wedges. 2022 bag is shaping up. Just waiting for my T20 60* to wear out before finding a 22 replacement head. Absolutely the softest feeling wedge I’ve had. Super spinny too
  8. They posted a few pages back saying it was the “real deal” So did MCA…
  9. Totally agree. Not trying to be a jerk…when saying he just talks to wayyy to much. Wow. Especially since there is a “co host” in Mike. Often topics get jumbled or jump without a breath. I don’t dislike RB in any way and wish the best for the podcast. Just sayin
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