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  1. Last few drivers go M5, Sim, Sim 2 and Max LS 9* dropped to 8* with weight in toe position. i would never have thought I’d end up in a Cally driver…but this is hands down the best driver I’ve ever hit. Did not agree with the Sim2 at all and traded it, like a true wx’r on a whim without testing. Sometimes we get lucky! Paired with Tensei 1K 60s this driver is a beast. Very forgiving with mid-high launch low spin bombs. I keep telling myself there is no need for the Epic Speed …sigh
  2. OG SIM will get it done. Or like someone else suggested, Ping G410 LST.
  3. Happy camper post. Playing Tensei 1K 60s at 46" in Epic Max LS and i have literally never hit more bombs in my life. Absolutely blown away by this shaft. So smooth and stable. Coming from a ad-xc, the Tensei feels less active with a more subtle kick. GREAT shaft.
  4. Late to topic, but just regripped my driver w/360. Coming straight from reg tour velvet, the 360 has a squishier feel w more tack. Verdict is still out whether i like it better or not.
  5. I argree totally. Its a no brainer... Is it the extra money they are worried about spending on making a few more heads available for testing? Those OEMs are crushing it. Its time for full bag fittings or at least a few high #'s as well.
  6. Golf is so funny. I absolutely my Epic Max LS. Somebody will love this low spin combo
  7. Golf IS HARD. Especially under pressure. Those last two iron shots looked like the wrong club choice. Hope Lexi will learn from another tough loss. Gotta hurt. If I had just lost, and was emotionally touched, then I sure as hell wouldn’t give an interview at that very moment. I’m sure many wrxrs have been in a similar situation and have plenty of commentary they would like to share....
  8. Ordered mine March 30, arrived May 28th. I ordered them as individual irons. PW head was backordered and said July 7. It actually came today. Golf Pride tour velvet was backordered so changed to these ugly purple Callaway ones they had in stock. Lol whatever just send me the clubs I’ll deal with the grips later
  9. After being backordered for 2 months my Apex Pro’s finally arrived. I’ve got 5-pw with MMT 95s. I’m coming from Miura Mc-501s...there was a significant feel difference from 7 iron up. 8-pw with the Apex have a nice solid feel. I have come to really love the crackin feel of the 5-7. It’s hot, but not in a flyer type of way. I can work the ball both directions and have plenty of height to stop Long irons on the green. The shafts took just a little getting used to. They are a little lighter, so matching strike up took a few days but then we were golden. I’m coming from Modus 105s
  10. Ping g425 Lst 9* head only w/cover I got this to test out heads and liked my Epic Max LS better. It’s in excellent condition. Future low spin await you $OLD Graphite Design Tour AD-HD 6s w/ ping tip. like the XC better. Really great smooth shaft tho. A little soft for me. Not a scratch on it. Plays 45 with head. But, reference picks for more details. $old All ship usps priority THANKS for looking
  11. If he wins a tournament maybe the value will go up. jk glws
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