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  1. Tiger in Sunday red with 1 shot lead pulls out stealth on 18 at Augusta. What a scene that would be
  2. Looks very good. Spidey vibes 🕷 60x Carbon twist face script on the face is odd and out of place to me…but it’s whatever.
  3. I see what you’re talking about. It is photoshopped, but more to crop out where it was taken. Remove the silver noise (room background) and you have a thin black sliver above red. Pretty Clean looking
  4. Truly WILD! Looks like they kept that forged ring construction. (In theory) I’m intrigued to say the least and super curious about the sound. Yes to sliding track. Love the black and red. I play the Epic Max LS and just not a huge fan of green on a driver. But the Epic will be very hard to beat as it’s the best driver, for me, I’ve ever hit. (Especially after adding hot melt to the head)
  5. Lock the topic buddy so you don’t get a warning when you put up a new post
  6. Done Done New Orleans. La yes (club champion 3 years ago) Top end of the bag woods hybrids etc..
  7. I thought about an 80g 7 wood shaft as well. But, I jumped on a used 70g Tensei Pro on bst. Good deal and worth a shot. Still wondering if 80g would be better. We shall see. What 7 wood head are you in?
  8. Hoping weather stays decent for you for a bit longer! It’s finally cooling off here in Louisiana. VR is a killer wood shaft. Easy to hit, easy to swing but not easy on the ole pocketbook. 3w in standard was just a little to flat for me. Low spin bullets. Great off the tee but not enough height in the fairway. That xtra degree 1/2 put the ball flight in the right zone for both. I’m not really losing much distance if any. Before, I played 3w and 5w standard and they played very similar…I suspected I had some gapping issues at the top of the bag. I hit 3 wood 250 and 5 wood 240. Not ideal lol. It’s like, what’s the point??
  9. I like this thread… Just built a G410 7 wood w/70g Tensei Pro Orange at 5 wood length. I have it at 2* strong making it more of a 6 wood! It’s the perfect 230 club. The Tensei lowers the spin enough to keep this thing ballooning. That’s my fear with a 7 wood. Could get chewed up in the wind. Shaft is crucial with a higher lofted wood (IMO) The other build was a Sim Ti 3w 70g Ventus Red at *1.5 weak making it closer to a 4 wood to promote a higher ball flight. That Sim Ti has a hot face!!! Next up is a Sim 4 hybrid…still not sure about this club. Has a bit of the left in it which I absolutely HATE. Lol.
  10. FYI, theres not a scratch on that shaft. The reflection of light makes it appear to have lines. Dm if you want more pics etc
  11. I want to be that guy, but I’m not. Here are some killer deals on some current training aids. I used the speed sticks for about 3 months…and they sat there. GBOX shallower never left my living room. Planemate saw some use but not for long. My loss your gain. Super Speed w/Radar! Grips need changing. (They sucked anyway IMO) Back of radar won’t stay on but it works fine. See pics. SOLD GBOX shallower $SOLD TourStriker Planemate All components there. Bands are fine. SOLD TENSEI 1K 60s w/Callaway adapter $240 obo See pics for length. (44 1/4 butt to tip) A little wear on adapter. Shaft is in perfect condition. Played 45 1/4 with Callaway Epic max LS head. New tour velvet 360 w/two wraps All prices shipped USPS priority PayPal G&S no trades at the moment. Thx for looking
  12. I’ve played 9 w/Pasatiempo being my favorite so far. So good to see Wild Horse on the list.
  13. I agree. Both courses are incredible. Mossy oak should be higher IMO. The variety and shot values are high.
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