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  1. Looking for a Scotty Cameron Del Mar classic circa mid 90's I believe. My grandfather played golf his entire life but unfortunately I thought it was lame back when I was younger and never played with him. His pride and joy and most expensive club was a 95ish Del Mar Classic. I'd really like to get one as close to his as I can, if one is available. His club is exactly what is shown. The top of the head has 2 yellow alignment lines, with one white in the middle and two yellow on the opposite side. I know this is a bit of a stretch but if anyone has one I'd make an offer. Thanks for reading.
  2. His ebay listing is hilarious. Here's a quick 14 minute video to show you how to install it.
  3. Got my first Scotty Cameron. I fell in love with center shaft putters and was looking for a premium one. Right now I have a seemore fgp and I like it, but it's uglier than home made soap. Hoping to pick up a golo in center shaft next.
  4. Agreed on the Evnroll 2.2. The gravity grip with the weight plug adds some extra weight as well. I didn't like mine at first but the more I practice with it, the more I'm warming up to it.
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! We're gonna do a 2 day thing down there and try to play mid week when it's not so busy. Looks like it will be Ballyowen and wild turkey. Gonna save some money and pass on the resort stay since we just got roped into a cruise with all our friends.
  6. The ranch is good. We played their Sunday deal a few times, I think 40$ after 4 or something. Ledges is on my list to get to as well.
  7. Looking to get away for a few days around the end of April. Wife and I are looking at playing Crystal Springs and staying at the resort. Anyone stayed and played there? I've read many accounts on here that the golf is some of the best in the area. Is the resort worth staying in? My wife and I are both relatively high handicappers. I'm around a 16 and shes around 22. Would we be out of place playing here? We've both been playing long enough to know pace of play and course etiquette. She did fine on some semi private courses down in Florida but she is always nervous and thinks a lot of courses a
  8. RJohn- where are you favorites in western mass? I'm right by the airport. My buddy and I play Oak Ridge once or twice a week mid day. Any place else you recommend? Gillette Ridge is really nice. So is Keeney park. Keeney had multi tiered greens and hard pin placements last time I was there. Fairways are pretty wide open but the greens made it very challenging for me. Simsbury farms was a nice course and pretty good value, I think it was 30$ and the course was in beautiful shape mid October.
  9. Great price. Just paid more for this club in similar condition.
  10. Had sling tv for 2 years. Cut my bill down by 80$. Went from 200$ for cable/ internet to 60$ for cable and 60$ for sling. Get the TGC and most major sporting events. For anything regional we just use the OTA tuner.
  11. So we didn't really end up with as much free time as we expected. Played 9 this morning at Ocala golf club. Nice and wide open course that was forgiving of mistakes. Had to rent clubs and the guy in the clubhouse were great. Clubs were probably older than I am but oh well. Tomorrow were at stone Creek. Looks more challenging with water on many holes.
  12. Thanks. By get in do you mean they're busy or semi private? Well be playing mid week in the morning if it matters.
  13. Headed down to see some family in Ocala. The wife and I are looking to get out once, possibly twice. We will need to rent clubs. Anyone have a recommendation for courses in the area? Looking at Eagles Ridge and Orange Blossom now. I have no knowledge of the courses down there, just googling stuff. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Let me grab a shipping quote today. I've never sent a club via mail so I'm not sure what to expect for a cost.
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