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  1. Preference is to trade any or all but prices for each listed below. Trade Interests: 1) Cobra fairway shaft, stiff, for an F7 3-4 wood. 2) Cobra 5-6 fairway wood with stiff shaft 3) Cobra 3-4 fairway wood with stiff shaft (F8 or newer) Clubs: 1) Titleist 917F2 16.5* with Diamana S+ 70 Stiff - ($120 shipped). Fantastic condition with a small nick under the toe not visible at address. Original headcover included. 2) Titleist 913F 15* with Aldila Tour Green Stiff - ($110 shipped). Great shape with a few scratches just above the face on the crown.
  2. I know nothing about identifying counterfeits but I just bought this yesterday and took a pic for reference for you. 7 digit serial number on mine.
  3. Brand new DG X100 shaft and brand new Winn DriTac X Grip. Every year I get the idea I need to try a driving iron and every year I realize I can't hit it. Club is in excellent shape. $90 shipped.
  4. Ping G 22* Hybrid at the moment but this spot is always subject to change unfortunately.
  5. I guess the only positive is it works both ways when we sell our old stuff but it does take the fun out of finding that deal.
  6. I love the Ping Tour shafts and I've noticed a little difference between the 65 and 75 as well aside from weight. As a result I have the 65 S in my driver and the 75 X in my 3 wood. I really like them both but I've toyed with putting the 75 S in the 3 wood but if it plays a little softer I may not enjoy that.
  7. Search within the form returns no results often. Google search will bring up older topics but the links direct to a completely different post.
  8. I tested both of these pretty extensively in my 400 Max and ended up with Tour 65. Both are excellent but to me were pretty different. My driver SS is around 100 for reference. The Tour is very stable without feeling boardy and allows me to go after it with confidence. The Tensei Orange is counterbalanced and had a pretty pronounced kick for me. Similar to the stock Alta CB Ping shafts but plays more true to flex imo. The Orange I would characterize as a high ceiling, low floor shaft. If I caught it square it was a straight bomber but I did often hit some high spinning balloon balls. Even thou
  9. These guys know a lot more than I do about shaft fitting but I can say based on experience that Ping does a very nice job of pairing their heads with good stock or slight upgrade options that work well. You can probably find something aftermarket that is more "optimal" but I've had pretty good luck trying the different Ping stock offerings. I've tried the Alta CB, the Tensei Orange and the Tour 65 in my G400 Max, all were very good but based on my preference I landed on the Tour 65.> @gringosurfer said: > > @"leo the lion" said: > > G400 Max without a doubt. Find the right sha
  10. I prefer the Supersoft especially when putting. It definitely feels springy off the putter but the Duo feels like a rubber bouncy ball to me. Off wedges they both feel similar to me, I really do like feeling like the ball is compressing into the clubface. Whether or not that really happens, who knows.
  11. I tend to agree that the differences in performance between golf balls is marginal, what is valuable in my opinion is knowing how your particular ball will react. Assuming reasonable quality, as long as I know what to expect from a particular ball based on a lot playing experience with it then it really boils down to preference beyond that.
  12. Would love to trade for a 3 or 4 hybrid but open to others. Pics speak for themselves but these are in fantastic shape. There is light scuffing on the crown near the face of the 5W but overall these are in excellent condition. Only reason I'm selling is because I need a less stout shaft and don't need to spend more money on re-shafts. 1. TaylorMade V-Steel 15* 3W with new Project X Black 6.0 and new Winn Dri-Tac Standard. Will also include the stock stiff original shaft. $40 shipped. 2. TaylorMade V-Steel 18* 5W with new Project X Black 6.0 and new Winn Dri-Tac Standard.
  13. > @Haber said: > Have G400 max with tour shaft. Wandered mid way through the year and played an f9 with evenflow blue. Have just gone back to the g400 and won't be looking back. Distance is up and I'm hitting more fairways again. I can swing as hard as I can out of my shoes and this combo just works, center face contact and straight bombs. I have the same combo and same experience. Can swing as hard as I like, or not, and the shaft is always there.
  14. I play in N. Texas on a lot of hard pan/tight lies and I’ve had good luck with my MD4 58/10 S grind. I play it on nearly all shots around the green and I love to play it off a tight fairway lie. I like the leading edge on the ground, play it back in my stance, hands and weight forward and just hit the ball first. It always checks up and it’s a fun shot.
  15. Increasing loft closes the clubface and decreasing opens it. Not sure about lie angle, I don’t believe that changes on the Max. You are right, it is difficult to track down solid info on the adjustments for the Max.
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