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  1. Went out to the garage to play around with feeling a very early shift and was seeing some nice results. Your comment about starting around P2 was helpful. It definitely feels like a much shorter swing but on video it isn't nearly as short as it seems, no big surprise there. I did notice that nice feeling of pulling everything around that left pivot point several times and was getting good contact and compression a lot. I also noticed that I overcooked the pressure shift at times and really just slid laterally. Thanks for you guys' comments.
  2. You guys are both right and I know that in my head to be true but I also like a feel or a checkpoint during the backswing or transition. When I use the ground my pivot looks better on video but I can tell the contact isn't as compressed. Alternative is going back to my crappy pivot and path and compressing it dead left...
  3. Any particular feel or conscious action you have on the arms and upper body in conjunction with the pivot to get the shaft leaning?
  4. I've started playing with this feeling too and totally agree. My main feeling is turning my lead foot counterclockwise. I agree, I think it definitely helps me rotate better. Hasn't really helped my path issues or my casting but I do feel like I'm hitting the ball harder without having to hammer it with my arms.
  5. Well he did reply! I picked them up earlier today and they cleaned up great! I'm pretty stoked.
  6. You the man. Appreciate it. Now if I can just get this dude on Facebook to reply...
  7. Do you guys think these are cast and should I care? I've found conflicting info searching through old posts. Found them on the local marketplace for nothing but it will be a bit of a drive. Thanks!
  8. Well, its going to take some practice that's for sure. Took it out today and it was a hook machine! It's likely the indian, not the arrow because I do tend to hook my fairway woods at times. I do wonder though if the shaft isn't doing me any favors. Feels extremely whippy but I'm also very used to my current driver shaft which is an X-Stiff Aldila Rogue Silver. I want to see how I hit one with a steel shaft too. Interestingly I was striping my new vintage irons...
  9. Appreciate the response. Can’t wait to give it a go tomorrow hopefully. It does all appear to be one single piece. Here’s a closeup.
  10. Hi Guys - New to the Classic golf forum but I’ve got the bug now thanks to you all. I found this at a GW today and I’ve never hit a persimmon so I figured it was worth $3 to try. Anyone have any idea what the story is on this? Apparently there is a North Woods Golf Company out of Portland but info is very limited. Did golf stores make and sell their own clubs in the 80’s?
  11. You sound a lot like me, constantly tinkering with the bag for no good reason. I love my V-steels (3/5/7) but I've had great luck with the Cobra SZ 3 Wood this season. I also can hook the crap out of a fairway wood or hybrid and at least with the Cobra I can turn it down to 14.5 to open the face and it does seem to help. You can also loft it up if you like but I prefer the open setting. I actually really like the stock Tensei Blue in it too. I'm a steep swinger and hit the ball high and this club is great off the deck. My only other advice is to weaken that grip with the FW wood if you can...
  12. I love my CF16's but have had the itch lately. I bought a used 7 iron from CPO with a Recoil 110 f4 to test out and can't wait to give it a try. @cardoustie I assume you had those Protos put in correct? Did they/you have to shim to install? If I like the tester 7 iron I'm tempted to reshaft my set to keep from buying a new set I won't hit as well.
  13. 1) Cobra F7 3/4 Hybrid with Fujikura Pro 75 Stiff Flex. Picked this up on here a couple weeks back and hybrids just aren't my friend. Will pass it on for what I paid, $65 OBO. 2) Cobra F6 Baffler 4/5 Wood with Matrix Red Tie Q4 Stiff. Good condition with a small hairline scratch near the toe. Pics tell the story. Will include headcover as well but it has seen better days. $75. Take them both for $125.
  14. I put an older Project X Black 6.0 in my 3 & 5 V-Steels and I really like that combo. I've decided to go with a Cobra Speedzone 4 wood essentially so I'm not still carrying the V-Steels any more but they are still fun to pull out every so often. I do have a couple .350 raw Matrix Black Ties that I considered putting in them as well but never got around to it and I did find it was slim pickings on the .350 shaft options too.
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