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  1. As lot of people mentioned p770 is hollow body with welded face vs ZX7 is endo-forged (1 piece forging). With P770 the welded face is not 100% equal between each club .. you have possibilities of getting clubs at the end of acceptable tolerance during quality control. Hence one might like the feeling while some might not.
  2. Lot of golfers are chasing distance. But this affects accuracy off the Tee, hello Bryson and phil. With that much speed, the ball will certainly spray left and right. However, it will rarely help but WILL if you look at Bryson - US Open championship. The odds are against you if you just work on distance. However Tiger can and WILL (with exception) win with averaging 280yards of the Tee...This is how. 1. Staying in fairway! Get that fade 100% accurate. 2. Using Players Distance clubs to assist with long iron. This will REDUCE stress on his body - Changing TW Blades 3i - 6i to cavity back in long irons. D, 3w, 5w, 3ut , 4i-6i cb, 7i-9i blades. Even Viktor Hovland uses Ping i210 cast cavity back to help him go for accuracy. 3. Practice his short game and putting will be his ammo (sink those 10 ft putts). We certainly saw that at PNC. 4. Staying healthy and not do stupid sh!t. He spend of lot of time swinging fast. Now its time to show case 'ol skool' Tiger with his best iron game and sinking those 10 footers. Tiger will be back in couple of years.
  3. This seems to be custom order - length and loft. Example PXG Gen3 (T vs P vs Distance) compare it with Mizuno 921 (Hot Metal vs Forged vs Tour) all have different loft and length within same Model. I am questioning what was actually ordered. maybe on customer side where he assumed a certain length and ordered 1/2" longer. I dont know the details, but im sure PXG (9i at 37") would addressed right away.
  4. I love 2019 P790 ..2021 P790 is bigger clicker and harsh feeling in sub 50deg in CT. They added and moved tungsten at the bottom. 2021 spin less but have higher descent angle vs 2017 spin more then 2021 and had lower descent angle... both did same. If you are playing in Windy course, 2017 is your friend. My observation summary 1. 2021 are a tab bit forgiving 2. 2021 are a tab bit dead on feel 3. 2021 are a tab bit higher launch then 2017, hence harsh on link style where wind can be factor. But 2021 better in parkland. 4. No difference in distance 5. 2021 are bigger then 2017 6. 2021 cost is ridiculous.
  5. @BCULAW they are forging and has medium/thin top line (not razor thin like manny) for blade they are playing more like players-cavity back but the sole is super thin for less friction with ground. I love it. Call them for exact measurement. I was nervous ordering however 99/club was no brainer. I am 5’11 and I play 2deg flat. So please pay $50 for fitting, which is worth every penny even if you have to drive 2 hours. @PXGSocialTeam
  6. Hi All, Coming to AZ from CT for a family vacation. Looking for SCENIC or quirky weird one of a kind course suggestion from the locals. And available to join the locals for a round 13 Handicap in CT winter lol. 1. A quirky or scenic course near FLAGSTAFF OR SEDONA (11/21 to 11/25) 2.Quintero Golf club - 11/25/21 or 11/29(1pm?) Will there be enough day light? 3. We-ko-pa on 11/28/21 (8am anyone wants to join? Please DM me)
  7. With pxg blades I prefer graphite shaft as they are easier on elbow and wrist with mishit (12 handicap). Heavy rough mishit are brutal! But feels pure with fairway lie. I would not buy blades permanently but I am trying to be a better ball striker using blades and not worried about the score. Definitely recommend mmt and steel fiber shafts .. I would stay away from steel
  8. They are fairly thin sole but also are hair forgiving. The graphite Mmt shaft help with the forgiveness as well. They ball mark easily. I played titleist dci clubs so my 7i was 36deg now my 7i is 32.. so they go from 165 yards to 140 yards on mis hits (I am 11-13 handicap)… but I would say you can game them if you want to improve ball striking at range. I wouldn’t recommend anyone above 12 handicap. Also get fitted from pxg.
  9. Punched the card in at $99/club. The MMTshaft itself is $70/shaft .. if I don’t like it , I can always sell it overseas. So I got MMT 80 and 1 hard stepped to increase the stiffness .. I don’t want to ruin the feel but if you want x100 or project x feel, you can always 2 hard step (not recommend).
  10. The shaft are all Xtra Stiff. With Tour level equipment, Maybe time again to get re-fitted and get out of Xtra stiff shafts and get back in the GAME.
  11. This is all opinion without DATA. 785-golfer are use to shape at address and the body is use to lie/loft that they will dismiss ZX5/ZX7 hitting them for few minutes. The difference is exceptional between them. It takes 3 week or 21 days for a physical or mental change. However, Colin M won OPEN with SIM driver (not SIM2). So "Dont fix if it, if its not broken" applies even in golf. Goal is to score low not buy ads.
  12. Hi I am single golfer (age 34) scores 80 to 90 depending course difficulty. Anyone down to play golf this Saturday 6/19/21? Let me know through email ...my user name @gmail.com)
  13. I live in Stamford CT. I go from Hartford CT to Atlantic City NJ lol I am eyeing Keney park and Winstonbury in Hartford CT.
  14. I am from Stamford CT and played Seaview -Bay course by Atlantic City NJ
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