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  1. Hi - THX guys. I'm basing length on standard Ping from factory. My current driver is a G15 and i've made the switch to the "G" LST. I did spend some time at the range and was either topping the ball or hitting it very low on club face. When i switched back to previous driver - i was fine. I play to an 7 and swing tempo is smooth.
  2. Hi - i just purchased a driver off of eBay. When i measure the length of this new club compared to my old driver - it comes up 1 inch shorter. If i was to add a shaft extension to the butt end of the club - would i need to tip trim the shaft to keep the flex the same? Also, I have a tad bit more club head speed now (less than 5mph) than when i was fitted for my old driver. ie.) If i was to add 1.5 inches to the butt end, would I need to tip trim .5 inches? or something similar? THX - any insights would be helpful.
  3. I have no issue with the price of the balls - I think someone should be able to list any product, for any price... just don't buy them if they are not priced accordingly. As for the feedback - perhaps negative feedback should be listed as part of the Feedback score on the avatar. If I see a "45 Feedback Score" I assume that they are all good transactions. Maybe something like "51 Transactions (45 positive / 6 negative) would be beneficial to would-be purchasers.
  4. I just find it unbelievable that the USGA called their "Champion" a liar!
  5. Eclectic collection you've got there - some real beauties that aren't seen every day!
  6. those are vega's are awesome -god, i wish i could swing those stiff shafts...
  7. Funny - i was thinking while DJ was standing over his 1st putt and they were showing the Gretzky fam that Wayne (who is not a terribly skilled golfer) would have probably sunk the putt, (or at worst) made a 2 putt lag for a playoff...
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