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  1. Exactly what im doing. Got my 770s in and loving the high ball flight. I did lose about 5yrds compared to my MP20 MMCs. Cant wait to try the 7s.
  2. 1. Ventus velocore blue 6x driver shaft 44" uninstalled with Cobra sleeve. Lamkin UTx standard grip. Bought on here a month ago but didnt use. $200 SOLD 2. SOLD MP18 SC/fli hi combo set 4-PW standard specifications. 4i fli hi Ctaper lite 110S MCC standard. 5-PW SC ctaper 115X. Bought these used for my brother to play while he was in town last month. No browning. No major nicks or dings. Regular bag chatter. Some ferrule separation on 4i. $SOLD obo. Willing to split fli hi. PM me. I can ship via FedEx or USPS to conus with insurance.
  3. Looking for an TOUR AD HD 6X w/ no more than .5" tipping. TM sleeve a plus. Would like to play around 45" so no shorter than 44" uninstalled. Shoot me a PM. Thanks.
  4. Maybe crap prices... TM produces really quality products thus the reason for the prices.
  5. Sounds like a unique build. Anyone know of anything of similar profile already on the market? I'd like to know more about Fast Taper Technology.
  6. That's . What grip? I can never settle on a colorway.
  7. Show it off, man. Pics? I wanna give it try. What's the turnaround like?
  8. I played 2 rounds with them.They are surprisingly good. You won't regret it.
  9. Harding isn't that easy of a place to drive either.
  10. At last years Farmers Ins., I was making fun of Hideki practice swingin Jason Duffner's F9 driver. Maybe guys just messin with each others gear.
  11. Doubt it. Every media would be all over it. New Titleist wood?
  12. Id play that bag any day. Not that I can.
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