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  1. $289 for a Gen 4 driver??? Might be worth tinkering with.
  2. I blame my equipment all the time...the difference is Bryson actually believes it to be the truth. The man is a clown.
  3. No trades.. PP only. Thanks. TSI3 13.5 head only with headcover. Clean topline, face, crown and bottom. Brush marks on leading edge. $185 OBO
  4. Hi Paypal only. I can ship via USPS or Fedex CONUS. Looking to sell and ship this week. Make offers but full offers will get priority.. Only looking for a TSi3 5w or TSi2 3H in a trade (head or shafted). 1. Radspeed Blue 3w head 14.5 with headcover. $160 obo 2. Speedzone Tour 3w 14 deg. With headcover $100 obo SOLD ALL SHAFTS SOLD 3. TZ6 85 M5 fw shaft 41.75" cobra adapter. I believe tipped .5". $115 obo 4. Ventus Black 7X. Fw 40.5" cobra adapter. Unsure on tipping. See photo. $140 obo 5. Tensei RW AV 85 X. 43
  5. I think if TM offered a few different grind options that would help tremendously. Cleveland's in the same boat except now they are offering tour customs. As far as putters go, a milled face wouldn't be a bad start.
  6. Don't expect too much change from a performance perspective between latest T100s to the upcoming one. Maybe a touch more forgiving due to design. So, if you're not sold on the T100s stick with the 921F. I've played a few rounds with both and IMO 921F edged out T100s in every category except for look at address.
  7. Mizzy Blue crown is back! Not really but they should have that option.
  8. Good call on the progressive iron set idea. With all the marketing on blending the MP20 line, I could def seem them going that direction. That would be a good replacement for the MMC IMO. People who bag MMCs always seemed to either combo'd it with HMB in the long irons or MBs in the short.
  9. My vote for Comment of the Day!
  10. JPX 900 forged. It has everything...look, feel, shape, performance.
  11. Hi, Couple things... Prefer to ship USPS but can do FedEx. PayPal only. No trades at this time. 1. Ventus Blue Velocore 6x. 44.5 tip to grip. Untipped. Tmag sleeve. Graphics at STD. $225. SOLD 2. ZX7 4 iron with Ctaper lite 110 S. Plays at 39.5. Zcord std. Hardly used. Standard LL. $115.
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