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  1. I've had a TSi3 on 3 accounts this year. It's back on BST. I like the performance and feel. I really want to like it but the look and sound isn't there for me. Something about that crown... @leftycabeI feel ya. This is me with JPX900F!
  2. Haha. Same here. Unfortunately, I have a UW on the way. Now I have a dilemma.
  3. Been waiting on this...I hope the CC hasn't changed.
  4. Hi, I can ship via USPS or Fedex. Pp only. Only potential trade is for a blade/plumber style putter or toward a players iron set... newer models only. Any deal requires a $ swap in PP for assurance. 1. Tsi3 10 driver with two shafts options. Clean crown, no dummies, some very minor hashing on leading edge. Diamana TB 60x, untipped, set to 1, plays 45.5" & Diamana DF 60TX, tipped .5 plays 45", set to 2. Comes with headcover. $620 Bundle, Head only $320, Diamana TB 60x shaft $220, Diamana DF 60tx shaft $165 2. AD XC 7x 42", tipped 1", Titleist fw sleeve to 1. $170 obo 3. ZX 4u 23 deg w TZ6 85 M5. Plays 39.25". Standard LLL. $240 obo Feel free to DM me.
  5. @RCGA I have the same characteristics. I'm relatively shallow with minimal divots. It's also in part of the conditions I play. Firmer conditions during the spring/summer months in Socal. ZX7s are great irons and I enjoyed playing them. Essentially splitting hairs between the two.
  6. These are the two sets I've played all year. Started with the 921T then moved into ZX7s. No reason, just wanted to try something new. Now, I'm back with 921T and sold ZX7s. Although great performing irons, v sole doesn't work for my swing. I was thinning shots. FWIW, ZX7s are more forgiving on toe misses, lower launching, and half club longer. I'll give 921T the edge on looks, feel, sound, and ball flight. The v sole is my main reason for going back to the 921T.
  7. I'd like to know too. Not sure how I feel about my 921Ts but I loved my MP20 MMCs.
  8. Agreed. I replaced my SIM2 Velo Blue combo for a Gen 4 XT Blue PVD combo.
  9. Rahm is putting the team on his back. #beastmode
  10. I wouldn't go that far...Aren't Rory and Ian friends off the course?
  11. Lost mine. Let me know if you got one. Shipped to CA. Thanks.
  12. I mentioned in another thread that the price is worth tinkering on a gen4. I did that. Took a whim on an XT and it's a bomber. Sold my SIM2 the following week. I've got it paired with a HZRDUS blue PVD 6.5. It's long and incredibly forgiving. For the prices they're going for, again, its worth a shot IMO. PXG claims to be financially free of debt and often broadcast as the only distributer for their clubs. Therefore they can sell competitively.
  13. I was in search for an 18deg 2i/3i and spoke to a TM rep about the difference between the UDI and std 3i head. I was told just he hosel size, .370 in the UDI. Otherwise it's the same head. A bit odd considering the price difference (shaft cost maybe). Your 4i should workout just fine.
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