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  1. Wristy - I'm intrigued by the TPT shafts. I've been tooling around their website, but I can't figure out what the "LKP" in your post refers to.
  2. Quick follow-up for Wristy: One of my driver issues is that I need some help launching the ball higher. Does that help narrow down the best options for me? Thanks.
  3. Wow - thanks for the detailed response, Wristy. I may set up a fitting to try a couple of those - since I’ll have some extra money in my pocket after selling that Ventus…
  4. Original poster here. I really appreciate all the feedback and info. I've now had a chance to hit the Ventus Blue 6-R on the range 3 times (probably 50 or 60 total drives). I REALLY wanted to love it, but so far it is just NOT agreeing with me or my swing. Nothing earth-shattering, but I think I'm just having a hard time feeling the shaft load throughout my swing. As a result, I'm tending to over-swing and the results have not been great. Tonight I did a brief comparison test. I hit 5 or 6 drives each with the Ventus, then with the Accra TZ6 I was fitted for with a previous driver, then with the Kuro Kage Silver that came with the new driver. The Ventus kept the drives relatively straight (maybe a slight fade), but the distance was down 15-20 yards. The Kuro Kage is definitely the "whippiest" of the three, which helped with distance, but produced a bit of a pull to the left. The Accra seemed to be the "sweet spot" for me, in terms of a combo of decent distance and decent directional consistency (basically straight, but with an occasional slight draw). I guess my question now is: Is 50 or 60 drives on the range enough of a sample size to dismiss a shaft that has gotten almost universally positive reviews? In other words - as a relative newbie to fancy driver shafts, etc., how much of the process involves me getting used to the new shaft, versus me choosing a shaft that seems to match my swing well from the start?
  5. The driving range at my club is turf mats Tuesday - Thursday, then grass Friday - Sunday. I hit at the range most days. Recently I've noticed I'm getting some soreness on the outside of my left (lead) foot - radiating up to my lower ankle. I'm wondering whether that might be because the soft spikes on my golf shoes get hung up on the turf mats, causing too much resistance when I swing/follow-through. Any thoughts on whether I'd be better off wearing just regular athletic shoes for hitting on the turf mats? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I found a really good deal on a like-new (hit twice on the range) Velocore Ventus Blue 6-R locally. I'll report back after I've had a chance to try it out.
  7. ARL67: That's interesting. I think that's about what my swing speed is (240 avg. distance) but I've always been told I need regular flex.
  8. Thanks for the response. Wristy - I found a like-new Blue 6-R on Craigslist locally for $200. That's the same weight as what I'm playing now (Kuro Kage Silver). I like that weight, but I'd like to get more stability and less "whippy-ness". From what I've read, that Blue 6-R might do the trick.
  9. Thanks for the response. My Sim2 Max fairway wood and 2 hybrids have the Ventus Blue (non-Velocore) shafts, and I love the feel of those. With a Velocore Blue shaft in the driver, could I expect to get a similar feel as those, but with tighter dispersion? Is there normally a distance gain also, as compared to the non-Velocore Ventus? Thanks.
  10. I just got a steal on a gently used Sim2 Max driver with a Kuro Kage Silver shaft, so I'm thinking about using the left-over money to upgrade to a premium shaft. One of the standard options for the Sim2 Max is a Ventus Blue shaft, but it's a non-Velocore version. I've tried to read up on the Velocore shafts and whether they might be worth the added investment, but it seems like most people who weigh in online are fast swingers who swing stiff or X-stiff shafts. I have no idea what my swing speed is, but a good drive for me goes about 240 yards. I tend to hit the ball relatively straight (i.e., I'm not a great driver, but I don't have an incurable slice or hook). Any thoughts as to how much a moderate-swing-speed guy like me would benefit from a Velocore R-flex shaft? Thanks.
  11. I recently bought a gently used SIM2 Max Driver and I’m loving it. It has the stock Kuro Kage Silver shaft (R flex). Because I love the driver so much, I’m looking into switching to the SIM2 Max fairway wood and 3 hybrid, but the only stock shaft offered is a Ventus Blue. Before I bought my driver, I tried a SIM2 Max with a Ventus Blue and I did NOT like it. How important or common is it to have the same brand/model shaft in your driver, fairway and hybrid? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the responses. Quick follow-up question: The seller of the club didn't have the wrench that comes with it. I was able to use the wrench that came with my TS2 driver to adjust the loft settings, but that Titleist wrench doesn't fit the two weights on the club head (the large one on the back and smaller one on the bottom). Does the Sim2 Max come with two wrenches? How am I supposed to remove those two weights if I decide I want to swap in heavier or lights ones for better feel? Thanks.
  13. That's what I was afraid of. Guess I'll just have to work on my swing.
  14. I just bought a Sim2 Max driver off of Craigslist. The driver is awesome, but I could use a little more height on my drives. It's also giving me a little more draw bias than I would prefer. Is there a way to adjust the club/hosel dealie to fix both aspects? Thanks.
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