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  1. Greetings, I have two items for sale. Both prices are shipped east of the Mississippi. Add $5 for west of the Mississippi. The first item is a 60 gram 6.0 HZRDUS RDX Smoke Black driver shaft. It was taken from my Mizuno ST-Z driver. This shaft is untipped. Looks to be about 44 & 5/16" from the butt of the grip to the end of the adaptor. This shaft has been used, but it is in great shape. I went back to a tipped HZRDUS yellow, as I hit it straighter. $90 OBO Second, I have a Mizuno blue ion T7 60 degree wedge. It has 10 degrees of bounce. Comes with a red iomic standard size grip. It has a TT dynamic gold wedge flex. It is standard length and lie. Plenty of grooves left. $40 Thanks, Thomas
  2. Does anyone have any experience with these versus the Callaway Jaws Full Face? I'm curious about the swingweight. Callaway has theirs spec'd at D3, Cleveland are supposed to be more towards D5.
  3. Wow! I have requested that the club be sent back to me. Hopefully it will be located so I can try to sell it again.
  4. I've never had issues with USPS, until this package. My opinion of them is still better than Fedex.
  5. I've realized that USPS offers insurance on Priority, but it cost extra. Lessen learned there.
  6. So, I sold a Cobra Speedzone driver on Ebay... since I dont have enough posts to sell in the BST forum. The driver sold for $236. I shipped it through USPS at my local post office in Tennessee on July 27th. It was headed to Charleston, WV. Here we are 18 days later and the club never made it to WV. Last item on tracking says it left the post office that night. The post office hasnt been able to find it. So the money the guy paid me for the item is on hold, pending delivery of the item. I ended up having to refund his money. So currently I am out around $475 and a driver. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Oh well, I got a Mizuno ST-Z driver last week and love it. Has anyone else had similar experiences shipping golf clubs? Its amazing that they can lose a box that is that big and it has "Rock Bottom Golf" written on the box.
  7. Am I the only person who finds Vokeys to be much heavier than Clevelands?
  8. Which model would be similar to the 2016 Apex Pros? Its probably about time for me to upgrade. I like a thin top line, less offset, but I want to keep the Apex forgiveness. Of course, I will get fitted but Id like someone's opinion who has seen them. Thanks.
  9. Bryson is a ******. That said, I just sold my only Cobra club, a speedzone driver. I feel like I’m not accurate it with compared to TM.
  10. I bought one with a steel shaft. I’m coming from a MP 18 Fli-hi. This one is much hotter! I ordered a recoil shaft for mine. Not much shaft selection in .355 tip
  11. What kind of swing speed does that ad di require?
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