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  1. the big 3 - Club Car, EZ Go and Yamaha - are all great options. Reliable and easy to repair. I suggest staying away from the next tier of carts - Star, Icon, Evolution, etc - as they are lower in cost but reliability and parts availability are an issue. I recently picked up a Club Car Onward HP. It’s the AC motor version. If you have not driven one, I suggest doing so. It only tops out at 20mph but it gets there really quick and does not lose speed on hills. I chose not get lithium batteries yet as it was a $2000 upgrade and the range is less than lead acid batteries. Hop
  2. update 2/27 - a new pair of FJ Pro SL Boa (latest model) arrived on my doorstep today, 19 days after I shipped back this pair. Thank you FJ for standing by your product, safe to say I will be a customer for life.
  3. I have a 2020 Ping Pioneer bag and I completely agree here. The bag fits perfect on my MGI Navigator. Also, the Pioneer is the best cart bag on the market when it comes to functionality and storage. I would not bother with an MGI bag.
  4. Looks like the Fasten8 is the NXT replacement. Curious to see the other color ways as the NXT Ignite is a great on/off course shoe
  5. How do they look after 5-10 rounds? My biggest beef with Ecco is that they look so worn out/dirty after a few wears - maybe it is the Yak leather on the Biom hybrids....
  6. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I am encouraged to see what FJ comes back with .
  7. I sent them in 2 days ago so I hope they fix or replace them. I would think being less than a year old and with the nubs not worn down, FJ will see that I did not use and abuse these...that it was defect.
  8. I checked with maple hill golf. The offer they sent me w/ 50% bonus was just about the same as the normal trade in value at other retailers. This smells like an RBG move to me.
  9. I bought Pro SLs in April 2020 - I have worn them about 15 times. Last week I noticed the spikeless nubs had separated from the sole. FJ customer service would not tell me if this is a warranty replacement or not, they said to mail it in so the inspections team can review. anyone have experience with FJ warranty repairs or returns? Since they are less than 1 year old, I am hoping they can either fix or replace these. update 2/27 - a new pair of FJ Pro SL Boa (latest model) arrived on my doorstep today, 19 days after I shipped back this pair. Thank you FJ for s
  10. For sale is a set of Ping G410 irons. 5-PW, UW. Black dot. R Flex AWT 2.0 steel shafts. Excellent condition, only have 3 rounds and a handful of range sessions on them. Asking $675 shipped OBO Updated- asking $625 shipped I will ship via UPS (I don’t trust US Mail any longer) pin 2/9
  11. Is there a new Ignite NXT being released this year? They have become my favorite shoe - perfect on and off the course.
  12. going to order this - I agree, I have been waiting for this
  13. Has anyone figured out a way to set up the straps (single or double) where the top of bag is not tilting downwards? It’s a challenge to carry without the clubs wants to fall out of the top of the bag.
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