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  1. New in box GFORE MG4+ . Light gray, size 9.5. asking $135 shipped(new they are $180) paypal only, no trades
  2. Delivery available from 7/1 - 7/5 if you are located in NJ, Delaware, Maryland or Virginia. Just meet me near I-95
  3. These sell for $1495 new https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/zip-navigator-remote-control-electric-caddy/1103869003.html?country=US&currency=USD And does not Include the cooler
  4. For Sale - MGI Zip Navigator remote controlled electric golf cart. Accessories include cooler bag, all purpose clip, wheels covers, phone/gps holder and umbrella holder. 191 miles so far. Lithium battery, charge lasts 36 holes walking. Very easy to use and makes walking a round of golf so easy. located in Raleigh, NC. Prefer local pickup. Willing to ship but need to negotiate shipping fee with buyer (I do have the original box) asking $1275 obo updated 6/23 - local pickup $1100 update on 6/27 - I am driving from NC to NJ at the end of week
  5. You could buy one, not hit it, pick a staffer and if he does not win - just return the driver at Dicks. Do I have that right?
  6. I wear Balega hidden comfort socks with my premieres. Just the right height and they are the best socks on the market IMO
  7. I wanted a 2nd pair of Packards but did not like the colorways outside of the white/white which I already have. I was lucky enough to find the Todd Snyder edition in my size. These look so good in person, the camo sole is understated and the navy croc really pops. Next up will be a pair of MyJoys
  8. I have a Linksmaster and a Ping Pioneer. The Linksmaster is no good on the MGI. The bag is too light so the front of the MGI jumps up when you click forward and the cart is unstable. imo, you need a heavy loaded up cart bag for the MGI to perform its best from a stability, speed and balance standpoint.
  9. I am a 32 waist in the Nike 5 pocket pants and a 31 in lululemon abc
  10. Srixon has done such a great job with this series. I now have 8 rounds in with my ZX 4/5/7 combo set and I am thrilled with them. I came from p790s and I think the ZXs blow them away. Well done Srixon :applause:
  11. I have 10 rounds in with my Packards. My favorite shoe before these were Pro SLs but the Packards are better IMO - looks, stability, comfort. I wish FJ would release more spiked colorway options now
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