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  1. Gave it the whirl with a CB shaft, hotmelted to 202 grams. CB just isn't for me, but the sound and feel is better than a normal sim2 max, a better muted sound and feel. Perfect condition, comes with headcover Sold Added 2 more heads: at this point I'm kind of indifferent to all of them, I'll keep whichever isn't sold and adjust the weights as needed Sim 2 max 9.0 mint condition just no holt melt. 390 obo Sim 10.5 good condition, an idiot mark when I was getting used to the tee
  2. Not using these anymore, got the forward lean they were intended to teach. They both definitely work well, good condition. Dst has a lamkin utx midsize, original grip on the pro. Sold
  3. 1. San Jose, ca 2. 5 hcp 3. Ventus black 6x 4. Kbs $ 130 5. M+ 6. Yes 7. Yes!
  4. Pm sent for the sim2 max ventus black
  5. Three killers up for grabs! All TM adapters Blue ventus 6s- perfect condition basically brand new, midsize GP tour velvet. 45.5“, tipped 1/2". Killer shaft but launched a bit high and dispersion was worse than the black I ended up going with. Sold Kinda oldie but a goodie, Kuro Kage DC TX 60 LH Tip! . Just a hair over 44", good condition no weird marks, new Lamkin midsize grip with 2 extra wraps on the right hand. Untipped, probably going to regret selling this one, was my favorite shaft for a long time. **edit*
  6. M5 head in good condition. Good from top view, a little mark on the toe, then face/bottom wear. Sold Willing to discuss trades + cash for diamana zf X/TX or av raw orange TX for either of the shafts Tensei AV raw orange stiff. Plays 45.5 in Sim. Perfect condition, lamkin sonar grip. Sold Great condition Accra tz5 75 m5 shaft with 2° taylormade tip. Jumbomax grip in good condition, plenty of life left. Measures a shade over 44 3/8 in a sim and just over 44 1/2 in my m5. Sold
  7. Project x lz 6.0 iron shafts 4-P Lamkin UTX midsize cord. Good condition grips, plenty of life left, shafts still have labels, no blemishes/rust or mistreatment. All the lead tape will be removed (I went to heavier shafts after some experimenting). Standard length (from srixon pulls) SOLD Ping glide wedges 56 and 60. Good shape, would prefer to sell as a set. Senior shafts, 56 is 35" and 60 is 34.75". $90 obo + shipping
  8. Paypal sent for New Pulled KBS $ Taper 130 X 4-PW (Standard Length, New Tour Velvet Grips)- $125 Thanks!
  9. Hi sorry, not anymore, I need to shut this down. Lol completely forgot since no one responded in a month.
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