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  1. Shafts are player and swing dependent meaning they will perform differently depending on who is swinging them. X100 is overall heavier when cut (~126g compare to $-Taper at 122g). The X100 has a significantly stiffer tip and is classified as a low launch, low spin shaft. $-Taper has a significantly stiffer butt section and then loses stiffness towards the tip and is classified as a mid launching, low spin shaft. Only way to know what is best is to test them.
  2. Mid is a your tour inspired "C-shaped" grind. Its similar to shape to the M in the vokeys. The D-grind is meant for people who are more steep and/or create a larger divot. L Grind shape is similar to the C-Shaped Grind, but with significantly less bounce. To reiterate, D-grind is for someone who takes a large divot, L is for someone who takes little to no divot, and M is in between. If you like to open the face on your short game shots these are the grinds people will gravitate towards. All the best, JJ
  3. G410LST was a great driver for anyone who was hitting relatively center/had a slight toe miss. Anyone who likes the G410LST, try the SIM.
  4. @mcgeec79Closest thing I have found is the Aldila X-Torsion Copper Shaft. The profile of the shaft is very similar, if not identical.
  5. If you hitting towards the center of the face more than the heel or the toe then the MMC 18 is good. It is actually more forgiving than it looks. However, the MP-18 and MP-20 are designed a bit differently and they won't play exactly the same. I would always recommending hitting them before you buy.
  6. Nice post howard, @Deano802 Modus 120 X-Flex PX LZ 6.0 sound like a good option: They are almost exactly the same weight Modus 120 x (113.5g) and Project LZ 6.0 (114g). As well as their swing weights: Modus 120 X-Flex will swing weight a half swing weight less than the PX LZ 6.0 & Dynamic Gold 120s. When measured for butt frequency Modus 120x & Project LZ 6.0 both measure exactly 386cpm. Keep in mind that the shaft is only one part of the equation. I would recommend you test the shafts and get back to us. Otherwise you might go down the shaft theorectical rabbit-hole. -JJ
  7. Howard is correct, the dg120 (397cpm) is lower in cpm than the KBS Tour (416 cpm). Looking at the specs they are they same total weight when cut however (114g), the kbs tour will swingweight about 1.5-2 swing weights lighter. Did you need shafts that are most similar to the KBS Tour as well @Deano802? -JJ
  8. Hey Golfwrxers, I've been looking around the internet trying to find cog locations of wedges that include atleast the vertical, horizontal, and front-to-back center of gravity. I know of Maltby has his iron database, and Not allowed because of spam for drivers. However, I have found nothing with wedges and it's frusturating to say the least. I can make educated guesses of course based on ball flights, strike location...etc, but having the exact number in fractions of a millimeter is just too valuable. Does anyone have any ideas or resources that you were able to find? Would love to hear your
  9. @BirdieDoc I'm 26, I'm taking my transition back into sport very slowly. Still just doing putting, and do weight bearing exercise to strengthen the wrist. Overall. strength has improved and symptoms have been reduced in the wrist. I do believe going back to the specialist is the best course of action. I'll keep your suggestion in mind, and sorry for such a late response. I didn't receive any notification unforunately. I hope your golf game is well, JJ
  10. @winged_victory No worries. I am not very knowledgeable on this shaft in particular because it is not available in the databases I use. It been discontinued by most if not all the OEMS to my knowledge. Howard would be more knowledgeable on this topic.
  11. @Howard_Jones Thank you for your input yet again, this was most helpful.
  12. That looks like the old Rifle Flighted Shaft, not to be confused with the Project X Rifle Shaft that is owned by True Temper Sports. That shaft was designed by Joe and Kim Braley. Kim is now the head designer of a company you may know "KBS." As you stated before those shafts are not the same. Here's a link via golfshaftreviews.com: https://www.golfshaftreviews.info/rifle-parallel-iron-shaft-review/. It explains all you need to know very well.
  13. Oh I meant that there were things I didn't know before reading your article. I appreciate for your reply though and reiterating!
  14. This is great stuff @Howard_Jones , thank you for this article. There was some concepts I didn't understand about the club head cog and face to path!
  15. Hey guys, A couple of months have passed since my last update of my TFCC diagnosis. There is still some pain that lingers now and again. I still can not swing a club whethers that's half shots or full. Good news is that putting there is no pain present during or after. In my opinion conversative treatment was effective. However I still believe I will need to do an MRI to be absolutely sure there are no other tears located in my wrist/hand. For whatever reason, my hand surgeon doesn't want to do MRIs. Good news is I can go to a 3rd party diagnostic imaging facility for the cost of a new drive
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