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  1. Ship times for G425 product is up to 12 weeks now. Grips are on back order so they might have the heads, the shafts, but if the grips are on back order it will delay your order significantly. My recommendation is to just order the ping grips only.
  2. @mandelbloomI'm guessing you're referring to the newer model which is the Elevate ETS 115s. Swing speed is only one metric, but generally speaking you are correct. Elevate 115 ETS is slightly overall stiffer, specifically in the tip/tip-mid section of the shaft. Both are classified has mid-high trajory shafts.
  3. @VNutz no threads to my knowledge that have a photo like this. Credit goes to Jon Rahm WITB (May 2021 Photo Gallery) – World of Wunder (callawaygolf.com)
  4. @LUXOR54 you will be happy to hear that they have 3 wood then and possibly a strong 3
  5. Callaway is has the triple diamond sz 5 wood (check out john rahm's 2021 WITB)
  6. Comparing Epic Max LS to Epic Speed: Max LS is overall has a higher clubhead MOI Max LS, even when the weight is in the draw position, is more fade biased than Epic Speed (LS is more adjustable).
  7. The short answer is both. However there is more that goes into that. The driver you hit most center will be the most forgiving option in the end
  8. @tgoodspe1991 I have hit both. I210 will spin more at the same loft. Definitely softer in feel. Great to pair with a firmer golf ball. Offset in millimeters (mm) Ping I210 vs Cobra MiM: In the 4i: Ping i 210 has more offset (4.57mm) vs Cobra MiM (3.4mm) In the 7i: Ping i210 has less offset (2.28mm) vs Cobra MiM (2.5mm) In the PW: Ping i210 has less offset (0.76mm) vs Cobra MiM (1.9mm) In my opinion, Cobra MiM is better compared to the Titleist T100 in terms of offset. Note: The Ping i210 and the T100 are
  9. You will find that sound and feel are closely connected. Of course you could just use hotmelt to deaden the sound.
  10. Hey guys, Been trying to find information about the overall stiffness (area under the EI curve) of these two shafts. The databases I have access do not have information about these two. I know that both are roughly the same weight and flight profile (Alta CB has higher balance). Let me know your thoughts, any information is appreciated -JJ
  11. 4 wood 7 wood is so good for so many players as well as 5 wood and 4 hybrid.
  12. @ode I've been trying to find one in a 5 wood for ages.
  13. My shortlist would be Titleist Ts2 / Tsi2 and Taylormade SIM / SIM2
  14. @PEI_Golfer They are a great value even at their retail $125/club price tag, half off even better. You got a steal.
  15. I210s have been great to fit with, however they are 8-10 weeks backorder atm.
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