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  1. I have and I hit it in the 19* offering. Launch was about that of my 5 wood but the spin was significantly improved. If you have trouble with spin on a 5 wood, I'd recommend it.
  2. @JStang Thanks for taking your time to post this. I hoping for Callaway's TCB to be on there soon, but I doubt it.
  3. @TexasRig Golf balls are one of the least understood pieces of equipment in golf. Without going too much into detail...the peak of the ballflight and how it falls is critical. Prov1x, Prov1, AVX (from left to right), farthest left being the height peak and farthest right being lowest peak. In other words... Prov1x peaks higher than AVX off the driver. However...a better comparison would be the Left Dash Prov1x because of the firmness of the golfballs are more similar. Now in terms of inconsistency you are seeing with the Prov1x it would be important to know if you are using the most recent Prov1x 2021 or last years model. Please let me know -JJ
  4. @JamesG12 No worries! Left Dash is a good ball for sure. However, it will still launch higher than prov1. For any face that flexes like an apex, you will notice the initial launch will always be higher. That's why the apex launch high even at their lower lofts. So avoiding irons with that feature would be smart. If you like those apex pros (which have less of that flexible face than apex), ZX7 is a great choice. Similar offset, similar cg locations, similar blade length, but no club face-like technologies that are present in apex pros. I'd expect lower launch angles with Zx7 when compared to the apex pros - JJ
  5. @JamesG12 If your contact is good and you get your desired ball flight consistenly I would look at golf ball, loft, head before you look at shaft. However, if you are saying your contact is inconsistent, then look at the shaft to help change your strike.
  6. @Tee1up4 Tsi3 & Ping G425 LST are the ones I would compare against. Just depends on what you are looking for, your strike tendencies & miss tendencies. I would go up in loft with the Tsi3. So if you are 9 degrees in the LST go with 10 in the Tsi3.
  7. From a feel perspective best to go based off putter and partial wedge shots inside 80 to 50 yds. Per Eric Loper, Taylormade's former and now Callaway's Lead in golf ball design, most players will chose a golf ball based on feel off the putter and wedges as well as the performance on partial wedge shots. From a performance perspective, that's a whole other conversation. I could write a whole article on that. However to keep it simple...for irons and driver, golf ball can effect the intial launch and spin without changing loft of an iron or driver as well as the downrange ballflight (apex height & decent angle). You change this trajectory of your golf ball just by going from a prov1 (lower initial launch, lower apex, lower decent) to prov1x (higher initial launch, higher apex, higher decent) for example. -JJ
  8. @aftersun If you're strike is inconsistent best to look at the shaft. If you think it's too heavy it probably is. If you like the T200 don't sleep on the Mizuno JPX Forged. It plays one degree more in loft (31* 7 iron), but has a similar sole width.
  9. Ship times for G425 product is up to 12 weeks now. Grips are on back order so they might have the heads, the shafts, but if the grips are on back order it will delay your order significantly. My recommendation is to just order the ping grips only.
  10. @mandelbloomI'm guessing you're referring to the newer model which is the Elevate ETS 115s. Swing speed is only one metric, but generally speaking you are correct. Elevate 115 ETS is slightly overall stiffer, specifically in the tip/tip-mid section of the shaft. Both are classified has mid-high trajory shafts.
  11. @VNutz no threads to my knowledge that have a photo like this. Credit goes to Jon Rahm WITB (May 2021 Photo Gallery) – World of Wunder (callawaygolf.com)
  12. @LUXOR54 you will be happy to hear that they have 3 wood then and possibly a strong 3
  13. Callaway is has the triple diamond sz 5 wood (check out john rahm's 2021 WITB)
  14. Comparing Epic Max LS to Epic Speed: Max LS is overall has a higher clubhead MOI Max LS, even when the weight is in the draw position, is more fade biased than Epic Speed (LS is more adjustable).
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