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  1. Dang I wish I would have read this before installing the 115 last night haha, oh well I can always swap them back out. I am much more concerned with full shots with the lob, I really suck at them so this might help some. Thanks for the input
  2. For those of you who have bought stock Vokeys off the shelf or online, do you normally just play the stock DG wedge flex shaft or swap it out for something? I just picked up an SM7 and it feels a little heavy for full shots but nice and solid for touch shots. I have a spare DG 115 that I was thinking about putting in it but right now I'm leaning toward just playing it as is.
  3. I noticed a golfwrx Instagram post recently that had a closeup of Xander schauffele’s bag and it looked like a couple of new apex irons in it. The look was very similar to the new x forged.
  4. Anyone use this shaft in their driving/utility iron? Stiff seems pretty stout.. thoughts on performance?
  5. I have a srixon U85 that I’m looking to put a new shaft in. I can’t really find much on the difference between these two graphite design shafts. One is obviously geared toward utility/driving irons but if I found a good deal on a AD DI (95 x stiff) are there major differences?
  6. Just purchased an M Craft Type 1 putter (as an aside, hands down best putter I've ever used). Putter I got was 35" though and in cutting down to 34" I ended up cutting off the stock Lamkin deep etch cord grip. I know these are available everywhere if you want just the standard Lamkin one but I really liked the looks of the Mizuno branded grip. I contacted Mizuno to see if there was any way to order one of these and they recommended reaching out to my local authorized Mizuno dealer. Well, I am in the middle of nowhere and after a quick google search have no clue who to reach out to about trying
  7. Has anyone tried this shaft in their utility or driving iron? I have the Elevate 95's in my Apex CF19 irons and absolutely love them. Currently have a Recoil F5 in my Srixon U85 4 iron that feels good but I'm just not that confident in it dispersion wise. I got the u85 for tight holes as a fairway finder 220 club but I feel like I'm spraying it too much with the graphite. The steel would be light weight as well and thinking it might give me a little better accuracy and less height which is too high right now with the Recoil.
  8. I'm also on this quest and have spent way too much money on grips over the years as a result of being really picky and just liking to try new things. I currently play the lamkin UTX's on my wedges. I really like the semi cord feel and tackiness for feel shots, as a disclaimer, they don't stay tacky for long after a scrub but it does come right back after you rinse. I do really like the align grips so I play standard MCC classic aligns on my irons. I've tried the more "squishy" (to me) MCC PLUS 4 align on irons but don't feel like they give me the feel/feedback I need on iron shots. With that s
  9. I prefer lighter shafts in higher lofted wedges. Hi-Rev is a good one DG115 is good too.
  10. Just picked up a Cleveland CBX2 58 to use for 100 and in approach shots, sand, and flops around the green. I stuck with my scalpel vokey sm6 54 S grind for chipping around the green close as I prefer the heavier feel for those shots. But man the CBX2 is MONEY for what I am using it for.
  11. Anyone else prefer both 13g weights in their M craft? It is heavy but I think that's my favorite combo. If a putter is too light I just feel like my hands get yippy.
  12. Mizuno M Craft Type 1 Putter tied with Srixon U85 4 iron absolutely in love with both
  13. I much prefer the head shape of the SZ models for Callaway drivers of the regular Mavrik, Flash etc. I have a high swing speed but am not a great ball striker and need the forgiveness. Because of the fact that you can now move the weight out back in the Mavrik SZ does that change alone make it more forgiving for someone like me who really likes the head shape? I assume the other loss in forgiveness compared to the standard model is the just the overall head size being smaller.
  14. Thanks...I think I answered my own question when I found this.... the driver you bought only has one loft. If it’s a 10 degree driver, it will always be 10 degrees, no matter how you twist it. By twisting it (changing the face angle), however, you are taking what was a 10 degree driver with a square face and making it a 10 degree driver that is, for example, 2 degrees closed. Now, to get that face square at impact, you need to open that 10 degree driver a couple degrees, thus adding loft.
  15. I saw a comment on here recently that said loft changes on the Callaway adapter specifically (maybe all adapters?) will definitely change face angle but won't make a difference in loft. is this true? I have a 12* Epic Flash I'd like to bring down to 11*, not crazy about opening the face but I think I can deal with it and need the lower loft, I'm not going to bother though if this really won't have any effect.
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