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  1. I have been unable to locate one of these for my new putter as they are sold out or out of stock at every online retailer it seems right now. Anyone have one?
  2. Anyone know why these seem next to impossible to find right now? Is it the Tiger effect? Have they been discontinued? I'm looking for one for my new putter but they seem to be out of stock everywhere online.
  3. Any other Super Stroke users hate the Traxion line compared to the feel of the older ones? I know that's their main line now and they definitely have better color options and availability but I find them really slick in the hands. Am I missing something?
  4. Just simply trusting my line. Not trying to aim it in during the stroke.
  5. Found great prices on O-Works Black #1 ($160ish)and White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 ($110ish). Any recommendations for which one? I believe they both have the same standard grip, definitely same head shape of course.
  6. I’m playing the smoke black RDX 6.5 in the speed and I can’t believe how smooth the shaft is..it’s really not like the HZRDUS’s of old at all IMO
  7. SOLD Mint Mizuno M Craft Type I 34” New Lamkin Deep Etched Grip Only used one round, perfect condition. Comes with headcover which was never used and weight kit. $200 shipped.
  8. Taking chances by spending too much money on something and hoping I like it is what I was made for
  9. Standard 10.5 Mavrik Head not a mark on it, like new. Comes with new headcover and tool. $250
  10. Pretty sure ping markets the glide 3.0 as a lighter wedge
  11. The Smoke RDX Black really isn't boardy at all compared to past HZRDUS Blacks, especially the Stiff. I played the prev. gen Smoke 6.0 and now game the RDX 6.5 and its smooth, light, and stable imho.
  12. Anyone tried both? I know the Epic Max is probably the closer comparison to the XB but really not interested in that one. I like the head shape better of the Speed but could use the forgiveness of the XB.
  13. Thanks I ordered a 9 that I’ll crank up to 10 to close the face a little, I normally play 10.5 hoping I made the right call.
  14. What does this mean that the faces on the 9 and 10.5 are different?
  15. Just curious what didn't you like about the Mavrik?
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