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  1. Just bought a new shaft and when trying to put an adapter on I found I had to sand off much more of the tip than usual in order for it to fit, to the point where I was questioning if I was taking too much off. My question is, could sanding too much or messing up the tip at all compromise the shaft, or is what really makes a difference the tip area above the adapter?
  2. Straight off no twisting, pull machine..pretty confident the pull itself didn’t mess it up
  3. Picked up a used Ventus blue that had a Taylormade tip, pulled it no problem to put a Callaway adapter and noticed the tip fibers (I think) kindof peeling a decent amount. I can’t tell if it’s an important layer flaking off or a normal result of just prepping and taking the paint layer off or if the shaft is compromised at all. It still feels solid enough but when you pay that much for a shaft I want to be sure it’s not messed up.
  4. Any recommendations for good high BP hybrid shafts? I find my Apex 19 to be super head heavy
  5. Looking for an 80g Stiff maybe an X, Pro orange for my hybrid.
  6. Does anyone know what the stock weights are of the 2 removable weights in the White Hot OG putters? I like a heavier putter than 350g and would want to get it to about 360-365 but I'm not sure what each of the standard ones weigh first.
  7. Thanks funny you bring up the AD TP I tried a 60S thinking it was a perfect fit for what I was looking for, really didn't like it just felt odd to me which was frustrating (but it was only an S not an X). I live in the boonies so testing/fitting isn't really an option so I just like to tinker and buy and sell...my wife does not like this so much
  8. I've experimented a lot with shafts over the last couple of years to gauge what I like and don't like; I tend to value feel over numbers.. I think it's safe to say now that I really don't like the feel of blueboard type shafts that have a soft mid or any type of hinge. So with that said, what are some of the more linear shafts I should check out in driver (coming from hzrdus smoke black and want to try something a little easier to swing)? Some off the top examples I've seen are: Rogue Silver, aldila tour green...is tensei white a good example? What else you guys got, should I check out Ventus
  9. This sounds like the Ventus blue but do you recall whether it was the blue or black?
  10. Anyone try to 110msi I/O version?
  11. Are they offering the ATV and 4 way sole like last time? I much preferred the 4 way.
  12. Anyone know the black would compare to the hzrdus smoke black? I think I read it’ll launch lower, will it feel any more or less stout at the same flex?
  13. I’m still torn between a Blue 6x or black 6S for my driver. Coming from a smoke black 6S which I know would be more in line with black, but I am going away from SB for more feel. Really intrigued by the softer butt of the blue but I traditionally prefer firmer mid sections for control. Sounds like the black 6S should be smoother than the Smoke from what I have read. I legit could go either way (buying used blind). Any insight?
  14. I know that with irons at least it depends on the oem whether they measure to the end of the shaft without the grip or with the grip. Do they do the same for Drivers and woods or is it standard to include the grip butt in those measurements of playing length?
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