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  1. I've always liked Darren Clarke and he's playing some great golf these days. I'm wondering, does he have some medical condition that he needs to use a cart, because aside from being overweight he looks pretty healthy swinging a golf club. If he's just choosing to ride in a cart he should be embarrassed, I'm pretty sure that 75 year old Hale Irwin didn't use one. I think they should dock healthy players under 65 a couple of shots per round if they want to ride.
  2. Numbers for standard DG S300 as shown in the Titleist shaft performance guide are the exact same as for the TI Onyx, only difference is weight of 129g. I think you will find that the Modus 105 will be almost a full flex softer than the Dynamic Gold.
  3. G20 hybrid was a bit funky looking with a fair amount of offset, I think the Anser and G25 were much better clubs. As @SubaruWRXsuggested, I would look for a 27* if your distance is coming up short with a 30*. Titleist has always had a 27* in their lineup and they are adjustable so you can get your distance dialed in. There is also the Ping G410 which comes in 26* with adjustability.
  4. Tommyj

    CBX to ?

    Ping Glide 2.0/3.0 if you want to stay with something that has some forgiveness. SS grind in 54/56 has 12* of bounce and the sole is not too wide.
  5. Ping G series as mentioned by a lot of others, but I would look at G25 and later, G20 was when they were at their chunkiest. JPX 900/919 Hot Metal would also be a good choice, typically come with the stock Modus 105 shaft. Srixon 5 series are also nice but not that forgiving.
  6. I can't speak to the Z5's, but I wouldn't say that the prior generation Z585's are exponentially better than the P790's, different construction. Whether they are better or not depends on the individual. I also don't think you are going to lose any distance with the P770's compared to you MMC's. Since you've had Mizuno in the past, have you looked at the Hot Metal Pro's at all? Good feel, definite distance gains over the MMC, reduced offset. I would stay away from the P790's unless you've demoed them on the course, they don't work for everyone. P770's would be a better bet if
  7. Thanks guys, I figured out that it was on TSN but I dumped the Bell Media sports package which has TSN at the start of the pandemic.
  8. Any Canadians in the WRX community who can shed some light on what Golf Channel's strategy was in blocking us from seeing the women's Open up here? My Bell Media program guide was showing full coverage starting last Thursday and then obviously NBC on the weekend. Absolutely no coverage on Thursday, Friday or for the delayed final round. But they did offer me an endless loop of Feherty reruns. I don't really care any more at this point because I just went online and dropped GC from my channel lineup, but would still like to know how you can advertise coverage on NBC, Golf Channel and Peacoc
  9. PTX and V6 is a pretty dramatic jump coming from G2's. Might be helpful to let us know where your game is at, how much distance and forgiveness are you looking for in a new set of irons? Srixon Z585 or new X5 might be option, forged body and has that more compact players look.
  10. Who cares, just go with the setting that produces the ball flight you're looking for?
  11. Agree with Valtiel's comments, issue is first of all lack of choice and secondly the shafts they've chosen from KBS. DG is pretty standard offering, so no complaint about that. But from KBS I would think the Tour and C-Taper Lite would have broader appeal, absolutely nobody offers the Tour V as a stock shaft. Would be nice if they added a third shaft manufacturer, maybe Nippon with the Modus 105.
  12. If I'm comfortable with an iron shaft it usually works for me regardless of the iron head. KBS Tour is what I usually end up with, I've had that in everything from G25's to blades and it works well with everything. But I go more by feel and watching ball flight, I'm not testing all the shafts to optimize my launch, spin, etc...
  13. Testors or Humbrol model paint, once I've applied the paint I usually wipe across the painted area with a cloth lightly dampened with mineral spirits to remove any excess paint. Let the paint cure for a couple of days.
  14. You might gain some distance with a driver upgrade and you'll have the benefits of adjustability. The irons I wouldn't worry about, lofts are about half a club weaker than current i210's, I would only change if you think you can benefit for a change in iron shaft.
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