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  1. I am curious too. If it is forgiving like the 2.1 but looks more contemporary that’s a win-win. Although if I could I’d game either.
  2. My miss is a banana slice or straight pull. Been trying to come more from inside and hit a draw. Then my miss becomes a low hook. So I try to go straight and will take baby fade or baby draw. Whatever my driver is doing that day. Play what’s natural
  3. Currently going 70g blue vs 6s Ventus blue. Gonna be a close match.
  4. Thanks and no problem. Touched 110 on post swings today and one of my best pre swings was 105 so seeing gains for sure. The week three protocol really feels like a workout. Can’t imagine how some people feel after doing both side swings with it.
  5. 1. City, State? Hillsboro, OR 2. Handicap? 22 3. What is your current putter? Tommy Armor #2 wide blade 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? No but always have followed their tech story and believe in what they are doing 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? I used to game a Toulon Las Vegas. Loved the shape but never felt confident stroking it. I feel the LAB technology will give me that confidence and provide me with the best putting stroke I can deliver. I also want to be able to tout the technology to others and let them know first hand how they should believe in LAB technology. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? YES! Of course
  6. Rbsiedsc

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I don’t know why but I can’t stop building sets on sub70s site despite my bag being set
  7. Rbsiedsc

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Also are you able to get the utilities with kbs proto or Ventus hyb shafts?
  8. I noticed the front sole is kind of raised. Does this act well through the turf? Seems like their version of a v-sole
  9. Swapped the Ventus hyb into my Super hyb and liked it after on range session. Only shots off the deck. Ball height was great compared to the stock pro orange. So was the impact patterns. tensei ventus
  10. Haha. I am assuming sarcasm. This is driver data, not wood data. The rdx and Ventus first sets are a tee height about 1/4 ball above top line. The last Ventus is about 3/4 a ball above. I do have off the deck with my super hybrid comparing Ventus hyb vs pro orange. Let’s say the Ventus is winning there.
  11. Realized I posted the wrong data. need to try the rdx at a higher tee height as well. Rdx blue 6.0 75g Ventus blue 6s Ventus higher tee Swing speed Ball speed Swing speed Ball speed Swing speed Ball speed 102 146 100 138 105 152 101 145 103 142 108 157 102 144 99 151 105 155 100 145 100 141 102 156 102 151 98 145 108 159 102 145 101 148 102 152 99 151 102 153 100 149 100 146 105 156 102 149 99 141 101.1428571 146.7142857 100.4285714 145.4285714 104.2857143 154.2857143 Rdx ventus ventus teed higher
  12. Two weeks in. My post speed is about 108, up from 98. Was a little faster with a lighter driver shaft I am testing too. Start week three this week if my back allows.
  13. Numbers from my prgr. Need to pull numbers from when I teed Ventus higher. Much tighter on the face contact
  14. I had an EF SZ. Traded some things for a max ls. So much more forgiving across the face. Ventus 6s for me I need some work with. Idk if it was going down in weight from my 75g rdx blue or what.
  15. Did anyone have a break in period with the Ventus? Compared to my rdx I wasn’t as efficient. I think I just need more time and play with the head weighting.
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