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  1. Rbsiedsc

    Sub 70 Clubs

    How are the turf interactions with each?
  2. Sound definitely like a ball issue. Supersofts are low spin
  3. Thanks all. Fortunately I have an accomplice sending me some setups to try in hopes we can find something more suitable and make the game more enjoyable while I work on improving
  4. Here were my last rounds with both. Fuji pro 2.0 TS 7x Tensei pro orange 6s tipped 1”
  5. Actually meant that in context of the pro orange. the fuji pro 2.0 is stout as hell to me
  6. So would you recommend a non CB shaft then? 70g weight class with stiff Low/low profile?
  7. Thanks. I will say, having the pro 2.0 TS and the Orange pro, the pro feels looser, I think due to the weight. My transition is very aggressive according to the fitter so I think a heavier shaft will help rhythm. I have some drills to work on to see how it holds. I’d like to thank everyone for the advice.
  8. I actually have no woods. Ditched my three wood due to inconsistency and went 17* super hybrid and have had much success.
  9. Thanks. I will say i have also experimented with a fuji pro 2.0 TS 7X which from a weight perspective felt great but I really think was way too stout for me. With that weight, i didnt feel like my swing was loose.
  10. So in this fitting I actually did not test anything else. When i was prior fit to this driver, it was with a different fitter that told me i needed a low spin head (never tried one so ordered the EF SZ off of the Bay as reccommended by fitter). He then had me try the Fuji Pro 63 XS and said you like that shaft, looks good for you. I have yet to try any other heads during a fitting and that is why I initially went for this one but trusted this fitter (he fit my irons in August) that my setup is fine for me. Fitter actually told me to tee it higher and place the ball m
  11. I totally agree on this. Appreciate you also pointing this out. My only reason for pointing this out is i shared my data with someone else and they recommended that my shaft and head were not ideal for my golf goals.
  12. just swingweight. should revisit the dynamic adjustments.
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