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  1. Seems more like 40% off for a model that’s 2 yrs old. Doesn’t seem to add up
  2. Great looking set! GLWS! I wish I didn’t have new irons so I could take these off your hands
  3. @Valtiel, I know I may be getting a little ahead of myself but here are some updates of two days hard work. Still lots to go. Feels awkward to not rotate. Need to get these in front of a ball at some point. FullSizeRender.mov
  4. worked on a bunch of Monte's Effecient swing video backswing seg 1 and 2. 3-9 swings with relaxed arms. put them together and things felt better
  5. I am already at 44.5” and 60g. Higher loft causes me spin numbers around 3300. This is a 6s tipped 1” l am wondering if a best of all worlds would be a rdx blue or black in 70g 6.0?
  6. Thanks again @Valtiel. I just wanted to try the grip you suggested and a slower back swing. Felt awkward but my divot board seemed to like the result. Long ways to go but the grip definitely is the first step. Need to get rid of my forward dip and just rotate through IMG_4370.MOV IMG_4370.MOV
  7. head weight was the same. just swapped the shafts. head has 4g weight in front and 26g in back (Std EF SZ is 2/12), both playing at 44.5"
  8. Thanks. My grip is more like one. Its almost amazing I nearly broke 90 with this swing!
  9. Thank you so much. Ya I have a planemate that I use. I need to use that more extensively until that sticks. I had it hooked up prior to these swings, hence the half aid, lol. That may be more of a thing to do in the off-season and use it extensively in practice. I tend to over power the green band so may need to just do slow red band swings.
  10. @Valtiel here are my driver and 7i toward the end off my session today where I was really trying to focus on backswing A. Still not great. IMG_4367.MOV IMG_4366.MOV
  11. Here are strike patterns. Mind you my swing is a hot mess. See my swing video thread. Fuji 2.0 TS 7x Tensei pro orange
  12. Actually I slow speed scrubbed these. I am still over rotating with my shoulders. Good god.
  13. @Valtiel here is my iron. Working on not going back as far. First video I thought I was going half way but was still too far. Second set I think seemed better. Will get some range videos this week of driver and iron trying to the intent of left arm parallel FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  14. Ventus black, kbs, rdx black, Fuji pro TS 2.0, atmos black. Let me know if you have any
  15. @ValtielThank you for this comprehensive workup! Definitely a lot to work on. Interestingly i don't know if i have these issues with my irons as I am striking them well. Maybe it is a ticking time bomb. I will get a video hitting a ball sometime this week. I will have to give myself a feel of stopping at left arm parallel and i bet that will get me in a better position at the top.
  16. trade interests: Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 7S with Callaway tip and preferably 44.5” installed with Sonar+ mid grip Fujikura pro 2.0 TS 7x driver shaft with Callaway tip. Plays 44.5” $150 TM Burner Draw 10.5* (will confirm later) driver Stock S $40 TM TP Rescue 15* Stock S $25
  17. would you go a 70s in the Fuji 2.0 TS again or try a cheaper 70g S offering like the MMT to see if things improve? I’ll give the Fuji another run my next few rounds and will get impact images this week.
  18. Know it’s from coming from the outside. Trying in this swing to close my stance and feel NTC cast A. My typical miss is the sammy slice. When i do hit it solid it goes. Others have mentioned that a heavier shaft may help my tempo and technique. Any thoughts? IMG_4281.MOV
  19. It might be. I haven’t checked the Fuji. The orange is heel heavy. Can’t really get it out on the toe. If I get to the range this week I’ll swap them out. Here are my last few rounds with the Tensei.
  20. So after spending June testing new heads and lesser stiff shafts I am back to my old setup (although today’s nine was a travesty from the tee). For the most part averaging 3-4 balls over 260 and in the fairway or just in the rough.
  21. Callaway super hybrid 17*. Get a opposite hand adapter and set it to +2 (15*)
  22. Rbsiedsc

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Has anyone hit the 939X hybrid vs the 949X hybrid? Is the face really hotter in the 949 and are the soles that much different? Debating whether i should upgrade to the 949 or not?
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