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  1. On 5/26/2021 at 6:07 AM, mgoblue83 said:

    Definitely need to improve your swing BUT I believe a driver change and teeing the ball lower would help you significantly.


    New driver:

    Shorter shaft (44in)

    Lighter shaft (60g)

    Softer shaft (stiff)

    More loft (10.5)


    Use a setup similar to this with a lower tee and it's going to make a massive difference. 

    I am already at 44.5” and 60g. Higher loft causes me spin numbers around 3300. This is a 6s tipped 1”


    l am wondering if a best of all worlds would be a rdx blue or black in 70g 6.0?

  2. 2 hours ago, Ri_Redneck said:

    Impact looks more centered with the Fuji than the Tensei, which leads me to continue to suggest proper weighting. Was the head weight adjusted, in any way, between those two shafts? If not, the Tensei would have considerably lighter "head feel" than the Fuji. The weight of the Fuji seems to be helping your impact pattern, but it being too strong (boardy) may be causing you to feel you need to overswing. I really believe softer flex in the same weight range will help.



    head weight was the same. just swapped the shafts. head has 4g weight in front and 26g in back (Std EF SZ is 2/12), both playing at 44.5"

  3. 8 minutes ago, Valtiel said:

    Thank you for the action shots, that confirms what I was initially concerned about regarding the over the top move which is much more severe with your driver when hitting a ball than with the practice swing. 

    Same thing as before:


    The first frame is where you should be stopping your backswing, and the next three are extraneous over rotation causing the issue. If you physically can't stop yourself from doing this then you either need to work on making VERY short swings or hook yourself up to the some training aids (which you seem to have done half of here, hah). The problem with "full swing" issues is that most people can't fix them while still making full swings, you need to slow it way down and work on partials, preferably with the appropriate training aid, because otherwise you'll find yourself making all the same moves. And to put it rather bluntly, the fact that you mention really trying to focus on your backswing only to produce virtually identical results means you're likely lacking the necessary feel and/or body awareness to effect this change yourself.

    There are all kinds of reasons why we get stuck in these kinds of patterns, and the common thread is that it often takes physical intervention, either from a training aid or a teacher, to get you out of them. 

    Thank you so much. Ya I have a planemate that I use. I need to use that more extensively until that sticks. I had it hooked up prior to these swings, hence the half aid, lol. That may be more of a thing to do in the off-season and use it extensively in practice. I tend to over power the green band so may need to just do slow red band swings. 

  4. @ValtielThank you for this comprehensive workup! Definitely a lot to work on. Interestingly i don't know if i have these issues with my irons as I am striking them well. Maybe it is a ticking time bomb. I will get a video hitting a ball sometime this week. I will have to give myself a feel of stopping at left arm parallel and i bet that will get me in a better position at the top.

  5. 24 minutes ago, Ri_Redneck said:

    In comparison, the Pro TS 2.0 7X is both firmer and lower torque than the CK Pro orange 6S. This is what makes it "feel" a lot stouter. I am 100% with Stuart on the path you should take. The impact pattern you posted screams "too light" for the weight. You mentioned that the heavier Fuji shaft "felt" great, but was too stout. I have played for years at about the same SS as you and have always found my sweetspot with shafts to be in the 75G / 2.8° torque / 265 b u t t freq area. The weight helps smooth out my tempo, the low torque gives me the feeling of control and the S range flex allows me to feel the clubhead through the swing. I would try some slightly heavier S range shafts, with torque around 3* to see what that does to your impact pattern.



    would you go a 70s in the Fuji 2.0 TS again or try a cheaper 70g S offering like the MMT to see if things improve?


    I’ll give the Fuji another run my next few rounds and will get impact images this week. 

  6. Know it’s from coming from the outside. Trying in this swing to close my stance and feel NTC cast A. My typical miss is the sammy slice. When i do hit it solid it goes. Others have mentioned that a heavier shaft may help my tempo and technique.

    Any thoughts?


  7. On 5/27/2021 at 3:56 AM, games said:

    If you have an equipment issue, I would ditch the Orange and stick with the Fuji.  Which I think is also CB but better for your game as the stiffer profile looks to provide more consistency for you than the Orange.


    Again, interested to see the face impact pattern with the Fuji.  I bet it’s tighter!

    It might be. I haven’t checked the Fuji. The orange is heel heavy. Can’t really get it out on the toe. If I get to the range this week I’ll swap them out. Here are my last few rounds with the Tensei. 




  8. Has anyone hit the 939X hybrid vs the 949X hybrid? Is the face really hotter in the 949 and are the soles that much different? Debating whether i should upgrade to the 949 or not?

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