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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I will say that the 0211s are good for me. I hit them way better than my last set. I like the feel and distance control is pretty good (although Arccos has humbled me) My only reason for even considering the zx series is the v sole for when my swing isn’t all there and everything is fat city ( I know these won’t prevent chunks at all ). To answer some questions I was fit on grass, and if I ever do again it will always be on grass. My problem would be explaining to my wife the need for more golf clubs and her reasoning of “ how can you impro
  2. Ya I get that. Only worry about the question of, why do you need two iron sets
  3. Currently gaming the OG 0211s but can’t get my head of the zx series irons. Having never hit them and just spending a bunch on my current irons that were fit to me, does anyone just ditch your fitted set to try something else? Granted I love my pxgs but the Srixon v sole and great reviews sound too good to pass up. I am a steep player with a typical fat miss.
  4. I’ve been tempted to get a Srixon combo set and sell my fitted 0211s. Don’t think that would make many in my household happy
  5. @labgolf do you guys offer financing? It may be easier to bite the bullet paying for this over time.
  6. Man you make me want to go with this head blind. Never fully got a long with my EF SZ and never really tested other heads during that fitting
  7. I have the original and have no problem holding greens. In fact I get balls that check up
  8. Has anyone converted over from the OG 0211 pxg irons to a combo set of these? Love my pxgs but feel these would play better in my soggy PNW conditions
  9. FYI, you can customize it and get any length you want
  10. Thanks for this as I have the Vegas Stroke lab. I do enjoy it but sometimes i can sense it twisting on me.
  11. @labgolf, if my remote fitting was 70* and 34.5"-35", what would my stock configuration specs be?
  12. so how do these compare to Toulon millings? Will these help on slight miss hit or do they just feel smoother?
  13. well my OG 0211 has 6* in the 4 iron and i find no need to change that up
  14. well with wedges, tight lies you want less bounce so you can open the face, although i doubt the same goes for DIs. Now if only PXG and Srixon team up and made a V-sole DI
  15. That’s what I am on the fence doing but making it 2* weaker to make it more playable from the deck or just selling it and sticking with my super hybrid. The added bounce may help too.
  16. Thanks Again. I actually have the momentus yes that feels way to heavy. This likely then will be something in my future.
  17. Thanks it does. I also worry this may cause me to ingrain poor swing habits. Is that the case at all with any of your testing?
  18. So I have been doing reading on this. Would a lower volume protocol using only the three weights and nothing extra still see significant gains with less wear on the body?
  19. I was in your same boat and actually bought a DI when i was struggling. It worked great but i was 50yrds farther away on approach shots and it wasn't really helping. What did help was testing my driver at 44.5". Contact was better and misses weren't as bad. I also sucked with a 3w and am now giving the callaway super hybrid a go. I can move it back in my stance and use it like a DI and still get 20 more yards of distance. The other bad thing about DIs is they are a one trick pony which it taking up space in your bag. Most amateur golfers cannot hit it off the deck very well, if at all.
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