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  1. Any recommendations to track steps/distance for the entire day?
  2. Sounds good to me!
  3. Correct. That’s why I ordered direct from Titleist because you could easily specify. I’m sure other stores can request the different weights but it was really easy on the Titleist website.
  4. I ordered direct from Titleist and specified the +2 weight.
  5. Have a Toulon Atlanta that needs a headcover. I can’t seem to find a stock headcover for it and regular mallet headcovers are too big for it. Any good recommendations for a small mallet headcovers?
  6. We arrive on Friday to get there a day early. Playing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday before Solstice. I would think double bagging during Solstice would be a nightmare too since it’s all about pace of play and ready golf. When filling out the information I said that we would all like a caddie but am unsure if that means single or double loop. I am hoping that we all have our own caddie to allow us to go as fast as we can.
  7. We are planning to use a caddie every round since we haven’t been before. Does anyone know the cost difference if you try to get a single caddie as opposed to a double loop?
  8. Feels like it’s still forever away. Can’t wait. Let the countdown begin.
  9. Do you have the 2019 or 2020 version? Seems like the 2019 version was 365 grams and the 2020 version was 360 grams. But my googling could be wrong.
  10. I think I am going to build a Toulon Atlanta H7 from the Toulon garage. Is my understanding correct that if I choose the 7 gram sole plate weight that the head weight will be 347 grams? Anybody have any experience with this weight on the Atlanta or would it be better balanced with the stock 20 gram sole plate weight?
  11. Birdieball felt weird to me when I tried it.
  12. I like the look but last time I tried a putter with that much toe hang, I felt like I was fighting it every stroke.
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