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  1. Those irons are so sweet. How do you not keep them!
  2. Thanks. So is it safe to assume that if done correctly, it shouldn’t mess up the paint on the shafts and I will not be able to tell that the adapter had ever been changed?
  3. I am thinking about buying the Titleist TSi3 driver but I have a couple nice driver shafts with other adapters. One is a Taylormade adapter used in a M3 and one is a Callaway adapter used in a GBB. If I switch to a Titleist driver I would want to switch the adapters on those shafts to Titleist. Can anyone tell me the bore depth of each of the 3 adapters? I want to know if I would have to trim any of the shafts if the depths are different. Also can anyone tell me the playing length difference once I switched the adapters? Appreciate any help you can give.
  4. Do they just work on Callawaygolf or do they work on Callawaygolfpreowned too?
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