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  1. Looking for either a 33” or 34” Evnroll ER2B with gravity grip. Would like new or as close to mint as possible.
  2. Do they just work on Callawaygolf or do they work on Callawaygolfpreowned too?
  3. Makes sense. Thanks all!
  4. Thanks but this would be non stock option with no additional charge on a brand new club.
  5. I hope this is in the correct location to post. I am looking at buying a new 3 wood from 2ndSwing. When I look at shaft choices for different 3 woods they have a lot more choices than just the normal stock shafts by the different equipment manufacturers. Some are up-charges obviously but many are not up charges. Does anyone have any experience with purchasing a non stock shaft option from 2ndSwing for a club? I have been leaning away from some 3 wood models because of the stock shaft choices but if its easy to select a non stock option that isn't an up charge that would help me with my ch
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