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  1. I’m just messing with you. I understand the ways. I ordered a putter from Kari a couple weeks ago that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Unfortunately I only ordered one putter.
  2. Taylormade 300 Forged Miura CB-1008 Callaway X Forged 18
  3. There is always something new coming out. If you are only looking at Titleist then you can get fit around their release timing. Personally, if you are wanting to play them next season, I would get fit sooner rather than later due to supply chain issues and how long it is taking everyone to get clubs.
  4. Can someone tell me what the head weight is on a 34” 2018 Scotty Select Newport 2?
  5. I don’t do well with putting something in my eye. You should see when they try to check my eye pressure.
  6. I have tried to wear my normal glasses while playing golf and I have a hard time because I can see the rim of my glasses. My thought about clear lens on Oakley sunglass frames is that I won’t see the rim of the glasses and they won’t move around as much on my head. However I worry about distortion with wrap around lens. Should I be worried? Also I was thinking about clear lens just because I play early a lot and it seems too dark for sunglasses. Maybe I am overthinking all of this way too much but I don’t want to wear contacts. Please provide any recommendations because I am open to any suggestions. I just know I want to have a better chance at seeing my ball land and help being able to read greens with clearer vision.
  7. What about single vision glasses? Do people play with them comfortably? I have struggled every time I have tried to wear them playing golf but have been thinking about getting a pair of clear lens single vision Oakley’s. They are just crazy expensive.
  8. I mostly played GP Tour Velvets but bought a set of clubs with Lamkin Sonar Tours and really enjoyed them. I like them a lot better in irons than woods though.
  9. Help me understand because I am a little confused. I love the look of the Callaway Apex Pro 21s but Callaways website says that they are for a +5 to 5 handicap. Then I read many reviews saying how forgiving they are. I’m a 6-7 handicap and pretty decent with irons but I know forgiveness in an iron could help me. I have looked at the regular Apex irons but they seem loft jacked which I don’t love and more offset than I would like. I have read many people say that they have picked the Callaway Apex Pros because of their forgiveness over many different irons that I would think are considered players distance irons or something higher than a +5 to 5 handicap range. Can someone help me understand how easy/difficult to hit the Apex Pros would be compared to the Callaway X-Forged? Should I be considering the regular Apex irons more seriously? I had a set of the 18 X-Forged that I thought had a good balance of forgiveness and distance control but sold those because of course something else caught my eye. Appreciate any help someone can give.
  10. I think it’s worth taking a putting lesson. Can help with green reading and/or putting stroke.
  11. Definitely play better when walking. Helps my focus.
  12. When I took lessons in high school from a good coach, he asked me if I wanted to work on a great golf swing or focus on shooting low. I should have told him my only focus was to shoot low. I thought a great golf swing would translate into shooting low. Not always the case.
  13. Can you preorder in the US? Garmin website just has email notification request.
  14. It has helped me with my swing at times but I can’t do it with my putter. I’ve read books and watched videos by great putters and most of them forward press. It just throws my aim off every time I try.
  15. Any idea if the KBS Tour FLT Series S+ or Xstiff has a similar profile to the DG Pro X100? Seems like the same concept but can’t figure out how they compare.
  16. Glad your second fitting went a lot better because the first fitting sounded awful.
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